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“I want to go home. I want to see my parents.”

Nu Po Refugee Camp is located in an isolated part of Thailand six hours south of Mae Sot. The camp is sometimes called ‘Noh Poe’, which means ‘small lake’ in Karen. Almost 15,000 people live here. Most of the residents of the camp are Karen who have left their own state in Burma due to the long-standing civil war. Many others are monks who fled Burma following the Saffron Revolution of 2007. Another significant segment of the population is comprised of former political prisoners, who come for refuge after they escape across the border to Thailand […]

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Ashin Issariya (aka King Zero): “We need unity. We need to act and work hard.”

By Ashin Issariya (aka King Zero), Alexandra Rösch, Garrett Kostin

September 27 will be the third anniversary of the brutal crackdown on the peaceful Saffron Revolution in Burma in 2007. Since then many monks have been arrested, forcibly disrobed, and put into jail and forced labor camps. Others have been forced into hiding. Some have fled to Thailand, while others are still hiding inside the country. While their struggle for peace and freedom goes on, the world seems to have forgotten about them […]

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