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Five Years Since Fighting Renewed in Kachin State and Still No Relief in Sight

Kachin IDPs1On 9 June, 2016, 130 global solidarity groups banded together to draw attention to the fifth anniversary of renewed armed conflict in Kachin State and the end of a 17-year ceasefire between the Burma Army and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA).

June 15, 2016  •  By Burma Partnership  •  Tags: , , , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

TWO’s Statement on Killing of Innocent Villagers by RCSS

TWO condemns the RCSS for laying a landmine that killed one villager, and for arresting and killing two villagers in Namkham on June 1-3, 2016 […]

June 9, 2016  •  By Ta'ang Women's Organization  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Hope for a “Second Panglong” Shrinks as Conflict in Shan State Worsens

SSAOn 1 June, 2016, representatives from various political parties and civil society organizations in Shan State gathered in attempt to build consensus among the region’s diverse ethnic groups before the launch of the “second Panglong” conference tentatively planned for July of this year […]

June 8, 2016  •  By Burma Partnership  •  Tags: , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Open letter to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi regarding plans by Norway’s SN Power to build the Middle Yeywa Dam on the Namtu River

On March 30, 2016, we published a report “Save the Namtu River” raising concerns about four planned dams on the Namtu/Myitnge River, including the 700 MW Middle Yeywa dam, planned by Norway’s state-owned SN Power in Nawng Khio township of northern Shan State […]

May 26, 2016  •  By Action for Shan State Rivers  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Statement of the 4th Myanmar Opium Farmers’ Forum

We, opium farmers and representatives of Kayah, Kayan, Shan, Pa-O, Lahu, Ta- ang (Palaung) and Kachin opium farming communities from Kayah State, Southern, Eastern and Northern Shan State, and Kachin State, came together in Loikaw, in Kayah State in Myanmar, to discuss the challenges we face in our lives, and to share experiences and find ways to solve our problems […]

May 9, 2016  •  By Myanmar Opium Farmers' Forum  •  Tags: , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

SUPPORTING HUMAN RIGHTS IN MYANMAR: Why the U.S. Should Maintain Existing Sanctions Authority

Fortify RightsIs now the time for the U.S. Government to drop all sanctions on Myanmar (also known as Burma)? A network of corporate lobbyists and business associations are seeking to convince the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama to lift all remaining sanctions on the country by letting the existing sanctions authority expire this month […]

May 9, 2016  •  By Fortify Rights and United to End Genocide  •  Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

FBR Report: Burma Army Launches Attacks Across Kachin State

The Burma Army is currently launching small scale attacks across different areas of Kachin and Shan states. They have killed and wounded several villagers, including ​wounding ​a 7-year-old girl and ​killing a 60 year-old woman, and displaced thousands in an attempt to gain total control over the region […]

April 29, 2016  •  By Free Burma Rangers  •  Tags: , , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Burma Army expansion, abuses along Kokang-China border creating scores of “ghost villages”

Burma Army expansion and ongoing abuses since last year in mountainous areas along the Kokang-China border is making it impossible for tens of thousands of Kokang refugees to return home, according to interviews carried out by SHRF in March 2016 […]

April 21, 2016  •  By Shan Human Rights Foundation  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံဒီမုိကရက္တစ္အင္အားစု၏ ႏွစ္သစ္မဂၤလာႏႈတ္ခြန္းဆက္ ႏွင့္ ျငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရးဆုိင္ရာ အဆုိျပဳခ်က္

၁။ ျမန္မာတုိ႔၏ ႏွစ္သစ္ကူးအခါသမယတြင္ ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံတြင္းမွီတင္းေနထုိင္ၾကေသာ တိုင္းရင္းသားလူမ်ိဳးေပါင္းစုံႏွင့္ အေၾကာင္းအမ်ိဳးမ်ိဳးေၾကာင့္ ႏုိင္ငံတကာတြင္ ေရာက္ရွိေနၾကေသာ ႏိုင္ငံသူႏုိင္ငံသားအားလုံး ကုိယ္စိတ္ႏွစ္ျဖာက်န္းမာခ်မ္းသာၾကပါေစေၾကာင္း ဆုေတာင္းေမတၲမ်ား ပုိ႔သလုိက္ပါသည္ […]

April 17, 2016  •  By Forum for Democracy in Burma  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤