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Joint Press Release on Forced Labour

The Federation of Trade Unions-Burma (FTUB) and Federation of Trade Unions-Kawthoolei (FTUK) strongly condemn the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), the Burmese army and the local authorities for the continuous use of forced labor throughout the country, in violation of the ILO Convention 29 and of the SPDC/ILO agreement. FTUB and FTUK highlight fresh […]

February 28, 2010  •  By Federation of Trade Unions-Burma and Federation of Trade Unions-Kawthoolei  •  Tags: , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Fair labour rights in Myanmar benchmark for country’s 2010 elections

As Myanmar plans for general elections this year, the country’s military rulers have announced their commitment to ASEAN and the international community to conduct a truly democratic election and ensure a “free and fair” electoral process. The country has asserted that it will respect the rights of its citizens as enshrined in the ASEAN Charter […]

February 25, 2010  •  By ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus  •  Tags: ,  •  Read more ➤

Thailand: Migrant Workers Face Killings, Extortion, Labor Rights Abuses

February Deadline for Renewal of Work Permits Invites Exploitation The Thai government should swiftly act to end police abuse and discriminatory laws and policies against migrant workers and their families, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today. The February deadline for more than a million migrant workers to enter the “nationality verification” […]

February 22, 2010  •  By Human Rights Watch  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

From the Tiger to the Crocodile: Abuse of Migrant Workers in Thailand

A 124-page report that is based on 82 interviews with migrants from neighboring Burma, Cambodia, and Laos. It describes the widespread and severe human rights abuses faced by migrant workers in Thailand, including killings, torture in detention, extortion, and sexual abuse, and labor rights abuses such as trafficking, forced labor, and restrictions on organizing. Download […]

February 22, 2010  •  By Human Rights Watch  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

56 groups issue open letter demanding justice for workers on strike in Burma

Fifty-six groups issued an open letter to Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Secretary General of ASEAN, calling on the regional body and its member countries to closely monitor the current situation at the Hlaing Tharyar industrial zone in Rangoon, and ensure that workers’ rights are recognized and respected. The letter also calls on ASEAN and ASEAN member […]

February 19, 2010  •  Tags: ,  •  Read more ➤

Open Letter of Concern for the Safety and Security Of Migrant Workers in Thailand

To: The Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned for the safety of over 2 million migrants from Burma, Cambodia and Laos working in Thailand who may face deportation after 28th February 2010. Over 80% of these migrants originate from Burma and face ethnic and political conflict as well as continuing economic deterioration in their homeland, which is controlled by a military government. […]

February 16, 2010  •  Tags: , , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Support Workers’ Demands for Labour Rights in Burma

On February 8th 2010, 3,600 factory workers, mostly women, in the Hlaing Tharyar industrial zone in Rangoon, Burma, protested against the substandard working conditions they are forced to endure in the factories. Workers employed at the Opal 2 and Mya Fashion factories  demanded a wage increase of 10US$ a month. The next day, workers at […]

February 12, 2010  •  By Asian Migrant Centre, MAP Foundation, Workers and Farmers Solidarity League of Burma  •  Tags: , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Media Release on Workers’ Strikes

No. 2/2010 (WFSLB) The striking workers in  Hlaing-Thar-Yar industrial zone in Rangoon, Burma  returned to work on the evening of February 10th with a compromised wage increase after heavy security forces, including riot police trucks, fire-brigade trucks, Intelligence and USDA motorcycles surrounded the area and threatened the striking workers. Workers from the Opel factory were promised a 5 […]

February 11, 2010  •  By Workers and Farmers Solidarity League of Burma  •  Tags: ,  •  Read more ➤

Solidarity with Burmese Strikers

The Congress of South African Trade Unions declares its solidarity with the 2,000 workers from three factories in Burma who have gone on strike to demand better wages. The three factories are OPAL 2, Kyarlay and Taiyi, in the Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone of the Burmese capital, Rangoon. A large contingent of police personnel is […]

February 10, 2010  •  By Congress of South African Trade Unions  •  Tags: ,  •  Read more ➤