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Four Killed, 12 Injured in Bomb Blasts in Irrawaddy-Myitsone Dam Site

Four people died and over 12 people were injured when exploding bombs for the first time rocked the Myitsone dam project in Irrawaddy River in Kachin State, northern Burma, said local residents. Most of the dead and injured were Chinese workers.

At least three bombs exploded in quick succession in front of Asia World Company’s office, one of the implementing agencies of the dam project in Lungga Zup, 18 miles north of Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, at about 4:45 a.m. Burma Standard Time, residents said […]

April 17, 2010  •  Tags: , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Kachin Catholics Gather and Pray for a Halt to the Irrawaddy Dam Project

Hundreds of ethnic Kachin Roman Catholic Church followers gathered today at the construction site of the hydropower project on the Irrawaddy River, in Burma’s northern Kachin State, on the annual Feast of the historic Virgin Mary Grotto and prayed that the project would be stopped, local devotees said […]

February 11, 2010  •  Tags: , ,  •  Read more ➤

Sixty Villages to be Relocated for Hydropower Project

The Burmese military junta authorities are gearing up to relocate about 60 villages from the site of hydropower projects at the confluence of May Kha and May Likha Rivers, an environment group said.

The Kachin Development Networking Group (KDNG) said that the Asia World Company is constructing houses for villagers to be relocated from the project sites. Villagers have been told to move to this new place soon […]

February 10, 2010  •  Tags: , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Resisting the Flood

An update on open local resistance to the seven dams that China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) is building on the Irrawaddy, N’mai and Mali rivers in Burma’s northern Kachin State. The booklet describes the construction activity at the Chibwe dam site and the imminent forced relocation of 15,000 villagers for the construction of the Irrawaddy […]

October 1, 2009  •  By Kachin Development Networking Group  •  Tags: , ,  •  Read more ➤

Heroin Epidemic in Kachin State

This report, by Kachin News Group, details drug use in the Hpakant jade mine areas, Northern Kachin State of Burma, that leaves the community with so many problems and corruptions that let all these happen […]

June 1, 2009  •  By Kachin News Group  •  Tags: , ,  •  Read more ➤