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Naypyidaw’s Lies and Disinformation Illustrate Lack of Willingness to Make Real Change

This week, Naypyidaw’s public relations games reached a new low with Information Minister Kyaw Hsan’s interview in the Wall Street Journal. For the first time in years, a regime official met with a major Western news organisation in a three-hour-long interview only two days before the opening of the 19th ASEAN Summit in Bali, Indonesia, where the bloc was to decide on Burma’s bid for the chairmanship in 2014. Kyaw Hsan’s interview was a last attempt at charming ASEAN member states and strategic partners. The regime’s disinformation campaign paid off with ASEAN ultimately making the decision to grant Burma the Chair, the EU welcoming positive moves in the country in an official statement, and US President Barack Obama announcing the first visit to the country in 50 years of an American Secretary of State.

However, a simple glance at this week’s interview is enough to see through the military-led government’s public relations campaign and realize that the regime under President Thein Sein is not ready for genuine change […]

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