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Myanmar’s Media Stifled by Climate of Fear

Myanmar’s authorities are intensifying restrictions on media as the country approaches crucial national elections, scheduled to be held in November, using threats, harassment and imprisonment to stifle independent journalists and outlets, Amnesty International said in a new briefing today […]

June 16, 2015  •  By Amnesty International  •  Tags: , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

ND-Burma Releases its New Report About Acknowledgement and Reparation for the Crimes of the Present and of the Past

ND-Burma releases its new report, titled “To Recognize and Repair: Unofficial Truth Projects and the Need for Justice in Burma,”focusing on the need for acknowledgement of human rights violations victims’ experiences and for addressing their needs through reparation policy […]

June 11, 2015  •  By Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma  •  Tags: , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Human Rights are Called Universal for a Reason

For many years in Burma, a person carrying a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights risked arrest and even jail. Underground human rights networks distributed copies and organised discussions on the articles it contained. Drafted in the aftermath of World War II by a world horrified by the genocidal policies of Germany’s Nazi regime, the declaration sought to lay out the standard rights that every human being should enjoy […]

June 11, 2015  •  By Burma Campaign UK  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

To Recognize and Repair: Unofficial Truth Projects and the Need for Justice in Burma

imageThe advance towards a free and democratic Burma has so far done little to account for the crimes of its past. Emerging from a military dictatorship and opening its doors to the outside world has certainly led to an increased focus from the international community on the future of the country. As a result of increased scrutiny by the outside world, the U Thein Sein government has repeatedly reiterated their genuine commitment to improving the human rights situation. Despite government statements to the contrary, the situation for human rights defenders, journalists, farmers, land rights activists and civilians particularly in ethnic areas – has not improved […]

June 11, 2015  •  By Network for Human Rights Documentation - Burma  •  Tags: , , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

ကခ်င္အမ်ိဳးသမီးမ်ားအစည္းအရံုးထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံ (KWAT) မွကခ်င္ျပည္နယ္အတြင္း ျမန္မာစစ္အစိုးရႏွင့္ ကခ်င္လြတ္ေျမာက္ေရးတပ္မေတာ္တို႔ ၏စစ္ျပန္လည္္ျဖစ္ပြားမႈ၄ႏွစ္ျပည့္ႏွင့္ပတ္သက္ျပီးထုတ္ျပန္ခ်က္

ႏိုင္ငံတကာအဖြ႔ဲအစည္းမ်ားအေနႏွင့္တိုင္းရင္းသားလူမ်ိဳးစုမ်ားႏွင့္စစ္မက္ျဖစ္ပြားေနမႈမ်ားရပ္တန္႕ေပးရန္ ျမန္မာအစိုးရ အေပၚဖိအားေပးသင့္ပါသည္။ […]

June 9, 2015  •  By Kachin Women's Association Thailand  •  Tags: , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

ဇြန္လ ၉ ရက္ေန႕ဟာ ကခ်င္ေဒသ တေက်ာ႕ျပန္စစ္ ၄ ႏွစ္ျပည္႕တဲ႕ ေန႕ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ ယခုအခ်ိန္အထိ လုပ္ေဆာင္ခဲ႕မႈအားလံုးကို သံုးသပ္ျပခ်င္ပါတယ္ရွင္႕။

ကခ်င္စစ္ ၁ ႏွစ္ျပည္႕တဲ႕အခ်ိန္ ဇြန္လ ၂၀၁၂ အခ်ိန္က ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံရဲ႕ ထိပ္ပိုင္းမွာ စစ္ျဖစ္ေနတယ္ ဆိုတာကို သိရွိသူနည္းျပီး ဒုကၡသည္မ်ားအတြက္ ႏိုင္ငံတကာ ပံ႕ပိုးမႈဟာ မရွိခဲ႕ပါဘူး။ သတင္းစာနယ္ဇင္းမ်ားကိုလည္း ဆင္ဆာဥပေဒနဲ႕ ပိတ္ပင္ကန္႕သတ္ထားေနဆဲအခ်ိန္ျဖစ္တဲ႕အတြက္ ျပည္သူလူထု သိရွိခဲ႕မႈ နည္းပါးတဲ႕အတြက္ ျပည္သူမွ ျပည္သူတို႕ ကူညီနိုင္ရန္အတြက္ “Heart to Heart” ဆိုတဲ႕ Theme နဲ႕ စစ္ေဘးဒုကၡသည္မ်ားအတြက္ ကူညီႏိုင္ရန္နဲ႕ ဒုကၡသည္မ်ားျဖစ္ေပၚေစတဲ႕ အေၾကာင္းရင္းျဖစ္တဲ႕ စစ္ရပ္ဆိုင္းေအာင္ ၀ိုင္း၀န္းကူညီဖို႕အတြက္ ”မိုးယိုေနတဲ႕ အိမ္မွာ မိုးစိုေနတဲ႕ ၾကမ္းျပင္ကိုဘဲ သုတ္ျပီး မေက်နပ္ၾကပါနဲ႕၊ မိုးယိုေနတဲ႕ ေခါင္မိုးကို ဖာရေအာင္။” ဆိုျပီး ဒို႕ရိုးရာစားေသာက္ဆိုင္၊ ေရႊဂံုတိုင္ မွာ လုပ္ခဲ႕ၾကပါတယ္။ တႏွစ္လံုး အလွဴရွင္မ်ားကို ဒုကၡသည္မ်ားနဲ႕ ေတြ႕ဆံုႏိုင္ေအာင္ ကူညီျခင္း။ […]

June 9, 2015  •  By Kachin Peace Network  •  Tags: , ,  •  Read more ➤

Physicians for Human Rights: Kachin Conflict in Burma Enters Fifth Year

This week’s four-year anniversary of the breakdown of a ceasefire between the Kachin Independent Army and the Burmese Army, which had previously held for nearly two decades, renews attention on violence against ethnic minorities in Burma. The end to the ceasefire was the beginning of yet another onslaught of government-initiated human rights violations against Kachin, Shan, and Ta-ang civilians in northern Burma, violations that persist to this day. While attention has recently been focused on the plight of the Muslim Rohingya, who are fleeing the country to escape persecution, other groups have also been victims of war crimes and other human rights abuses over the past four years […]

June 9, 2015  •  By Physicians for Human Rights  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

The Current State of Counternarcotics Policy and Drug Reform Debates in Myanmar

image-1Are Myanmar’s current drug policies effective? How do they impact important issues such as human rights, sustainable development, ethnic conflict, and the peace process?

June 9, 2015  •  By Transnational Institute  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

Local Youth Mark 4th Anniversary of War in Kachin State

11412118_1014136845297134_4670162355541705519_nRANGOON — On Saturday, hundreds gathered in Rangoon to commemorate four years of conflict in Kachin State, calling for additional support for some 100,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in camps in Burma’s far north […]

June 8, 2015  •  By YEN SNAING  •  Tags: , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤

International Investigation Needed into Human Rights Violations Against Burma’s Rohingya

Monday 8th June marks the third anniversary of a new wave of large-scale violence against Burma’s Rohingya ethnic minority. The violence left hundreds dead and displaced more than 140,000 people […]

June 7, 2015  •  By Members of the European Burma Network  •  Tags: , , , , , ,  •  Read more ➤