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Mandalay Peace Protest – Sangha under pressure

Since yesterday we have been unable to contact any of the five monks who led the peaceful protest in Mandalay calling for the release of political prisoners and an end to the civil wars in Burma.

The last information that we could confirm was that the five monks had been ordered to return to their hometowns with transportation arranged by the authorities this afternoon (Friday 18 November). Two local journalists today confirmed with us that all five monks arrived in Monywa in Sagaing Division. However, the local Sangha decided not to allow them to stay at local monasteries, possibly fearing repercussions from the authorities […]

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Mandalay Peace Protest – Police have surrounded the monastery

On Wednesday the senior monks requested that they once again move, this time to the Old Masoeyein Monastery. After the first public speech, which was attended by around 1200 listeners, the senior monks told Ashin Sopaka and his friends that they could not give them permission to speak any more and that they now would have to move again, this time to the smaller “Water Monastery” near Mahamuni Paya.

They have permission to stay at the “Water Monastery” for only one night. On Thursday they have to move to another place. Which place that will be is still unclear. The monastery compound has since been blocked by police. No civilians are allowed to enter and talk with the monks […]

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We call on all monks, people of Burma and people outside of Burma to join Ashin Sopaka

In the past several months people around the world have been asking us “Where is Ashin Sopaka?” Now everyone knows.

On 15 November at 5 a.m., Ashin Sopaka and four other Buddhist monks locked themselves in a building on the compound of Mahamuni Paya, which is one of the most revered places in Burma. They unfurled banners in English and Burmese reading: “We want freedom”, “Free all political prisoners”, and “Stop civil war now”.

This is the first public protest by monks since the mass demonstrations in 2007 […]

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Burmese monks meet the Swiss government

On Tuesday 5 April 2011, Burmese monks Ashin Kovida and Ashin Sopaka will offer a statement to the Swiss government. With this statement, they ask for support for the Burmese people […]

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