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Weekly Highlights (237 found)

20-26 September: Demonstrations and Media Crackdowns Mark 3rd Anniversary of Saffron Revolution

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of the Saffron Revolution when tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators led by Buddhist monks took to the streets of Burma’s cities, triggered by an overnight 500% increase in fuel prices on 15 August 2007. The protests escalated to hundreds of thousands of monks, nuns, and citizens participating in over 150 protests across the country. On 26 September, the SPDC launched a violent crackdown, arresting over 3,000 people and raiding monasteries. At least 31 people were killed […]

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13-19 September: Election Commission Wipes Away Opposition

On 14 September, the Union Election Commission (EC) officially announced the dissolution of the National League for Democracy and nine other political parties. The NLD and five other political parties – the Union Pao National Organization, the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy Party, the Shan State Kokang Democratic Party, and the Wa National Development Party – were dissolved because they failed to re-register under section 25 of the junta’s Political Parties’ Registration Law. An additional five political parties were banned because they failed to meet the minimum candidate requirements.

State-run media that carried the news of the dissolutions also accused the NLD of “attempting to mislead the people into misunderstanding the law” […]

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6 – 12 September: Impunity Prevails after Two Youths Killed in Pegu

On 4 September, two youths were shot execution style in Pegu, north-east of Rangoon. The incident took place shortly after midnight when the youths were involved in a minor traffic accident with a motorbike carrying two military officers. One eye-witness reported, “After arguing with local youngsters, about 10 soldiers, including officers, came back to the town with arms, looking for the young men they had had problems with. The soldiers found them near a local teashop and shot them after more arguing.” The youths were identified as Aung Thu Hein, 22, and Soe Paing Zaw, 18.[…]

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30 August – 5 September: USDP Dominates Election Candidate Lists

Political parties in Burma submitted their final candidate lists to the Union Election Commission on 30 August. While the Election Commission has until 10 September to formally approve of the candidates, informal reports about the candidate list do not appear promising.[…]

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23 – 29 August: The Emperor’s New Clothes?

In the latest of the recent series of resignations in the military, reports emerged on Friday that six top military officials resigned from their military posts, possibly including Senior General Than Shwe and his deputy, General Maung Aye. The reports have yet to be confirmed. However, if accurate, Than Shwe would remain the head of state until the end of the 2011 financial year, at which point he is expected to hand over power to the incoming elected government.[…]

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16 – 22 August: US Supports UN Inquiry in Burma; Others Must Follow Suit

Last Tuesday, the Obama administration declared their support for a UN commission of inquiry into crimes against humanity and war crimes in Burma. Activists, think tanks, and UN officials, including UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Burma Tomás Ojea Quintana and his predecessors Paulo Pinherio and Yozo Yokota, have long called for this commission of inquiry in order to move towards justice and peace in Burma. The United States’ decision is a crucial step towards to the creation of the commission of inquiry and a much-needed move from the international community to demonstrate their commitment to the protection of human rights in Burma.

August 23, 2010  •  By Burma Partnership  •  Read more ➤

9 – 15 August: International Community Responds to Election Date Announcement

As we reported on Friday, the regime’s election commission has announced the long-awaited poll date for the elections: November 7, 2010. The election commission also called on political parties to submit candidate lists in the next two weeks.

November 7 is exactly one week before Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s release. “[Burma’s ruling generals] are going to hold the election before the release of Aung San Suu Kyi because they want to marginalise her from any activities,” said NLD vice-chairman Tin Oo. “They don’t want any appearance by her during the run-up to the election, because the military junta is worried that most Burmese nationals would come out to follow her speeches.”[…]

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2 – 8 August: 8.8.88 – A Day of Unity that Must Live On

Twenty-two years ago on 8 August, Burma’s army brutally massacred as many as 3,000 peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators marching against increasing poverty and oppression, and calling for an end to the military dictatorship. The serious human rights violations and economic mismanagement that led to the national uprising in 1988 have continued to worsen under the current regime.[…]

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26 July – 1 Aug: India Welcomes Than Shwe, Sets Aside Principles of Democracy

Earlier this week, Senior General Than Shwe concluded his five-day tour of India. The tour included a visit to the mausoleum of India’s treasured non-violence advocate Mahatma Gandhi, ceremonial receptions hosted by high-level Indian officials and a series of delegation level talks and treaty signings […]

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19 – 25 July: ASEAN Foreign Ministers Criticize but Fail to Act on Burma

Foreign ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) met earlier this week for the 43rd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting to discuss various regional issues, including Burma’s upcoming elections. In contrast to the statements of support for the elections that emerged from the bloc’s 16th summit earlier this year, this ministerial meeting saw foreign ministers expressing more apprehension than support. “Myanmar, I think, got an earful last night,” said Surin Pitsuwan, ASEAN Chairman, “ASEAN is very much concerned.”[…]

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