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Burma Campaign UK Statement on the Death of Jo Cox MP

By Burma Campaign UK  •  June 17, 2016

The people of Burma have lost a good friend.

We first started working with Jo on Burma when she worked at the European Parliament with Glenys Kinnock. Jo played a key role in ensuring that the European Parliament passed regular resolutions on Burma which supported the calls for international action being made by Burma’s democracy movement.

After Jo started working at Oxfam, she joined our board, where for several years she provided guidance and expertise in the running of our organisation and the implementation of our campaigns.

After becoming an MP, Jo continued to support the people of Burma in their struggle for human rights, including supporting the rights of the Rohingya.

Over the many years that we worked with Jo in these different capacities, we came to know Jo as someone with relentless energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. She was kind, caring, supportive and encouraging at the same time as having steely determination. She never doubted that with hard work and determination, any goal could be achieved, no matter how difficult or daunting.

Jo was someone you could trust and rely on. What drove her was not personal ambition and career, it was about helping people who needed help. She wanted to change the world, and she made it seem possible. She was the kind of person who would stop people being cynical about politicians.

Everyone at Burma Campaign UK is shocked and saddened by her death. Our thoughts are with Brendan and their children.


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