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Ignore Attempts to Incite Riots – Appeal to Burmese Muslims

By Burmese Muslim Association  •  April 25, 2016

1. Under successive military governments and until the time of U Thein Sein government, many historical old Mosques and Christian churches were desecrated by using various means. They were encroached and Buddhist temples were built on many of these religious sites.

2. Last month a Buddha statue was buried in a broad daylight by Mainegyingu Monk in small lane next to the mosque in Shwe Gun village in Hlaing Bwe Town in Kayin State. The land is own by the municipal department.

3. Today Mainegyingu Monk is building a stupa on that land with the help of armed guards. And they are working to finish the construction work overnight. Their action is illegal and the move is aimed at inciting religious riots.

4. It is regretful and surprising to witness a series of unlawful acts, including beating poor Muslim street vendors and looting their properties which are taking place during the days of infancy of the NLD government, which came to power with a promise to the public to tackle the rule of law issue as its first priority.

5. The Myanmar Muslim Association firmly believe these acts are deliberate attempts by destructionist elements to incite religious riots with aims to destabilize the country and also to undermine the NLD government.

6. Therefore, we strongly urge the Myanmar Muslims to avoid taking any unlawful actions in order to avoid being caught in the traps of the destructionist elements, but diligently work, by abiding the law, together with the law abiding members of Buddhist community, to help the NLD government in its efforts to promote stability and the rule of law in the country.

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