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Optimism Follows Meeting of Myanmar’s Political Heavyweights

By VOA  •  December 8, 2015

Transition watched closely

Khin Ohmar, a coordinator with the rights group, Burma Partnership, said the constitutional reforms remain at the heart of the NLD’s political platforms. She said people are watching closely as the power shifts during the political transition.

“Now people are still very careful. All of us want Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to be able to make the best of her negotiation skills in this time. But it’s very scary at the same time,” Khin Ohmar said.

“What if the military — this former dictator — has already set his own terms of compromise to what is the maximum that he will negotiate? So if the negotiation ends to the point that there is no constitution amendment for example, that is going to be major trouble for the NLD,” she added.

Khin Ohmar said Than Shwe was a “very good strategist” with the meeting because it also conveyed the key message that he remains a highly influential figure over Myanmar’s political direction.

Despite the elections, Myanmar’s military remains powerful. The army is constitutionally guaranteed 25 percent of the parliamentary seats, and controls three powerful ministries; the home ministry which oversees police, along with the defense and border affairs ministries.

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