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A New Briefing by Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK: No Hope For Rohingya From Burma Election

By Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK  •  November 4, 2015

When the people of Burma go to the polling stations on November 8th, for the first time since independence the majority of Rohingya will not be allowed to vote. In another first, as all Rohingya candidates for the national parliament were rejected by the Union Election Commission (UEC), there will be no Rohingya MPs in Parliament.

Despite the deliberate mass disenfranchisement of an ethnic minority, the international community are still talking about the elections being a crucial step in Burma’s transition to democracy. Our right to vote and be represented in parliament was one of the few rights we had left. That has now been taken away.

For the ethnic Rohingya, the elections are another step in the government’s systematic campaign of repression with the goal of driving all Rohingya out of Burma.

With not one opposition political party taking a human rights based position on the Rohingya, including the main opposition party, the National League for Democracy, the Rohingya will lose regardless of who wins the election. The elections offer no hope for us.

Download the full briefer in English here.

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