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Free Burma Rangers: Update on Burma Army Activity in Kachin State, Burma

By Free Burma Rangers  •  October 29, 2015

0006-Kachin-23581-768x1024During August/September there has been increased troop activity and clashes between the Burma Army and ethnic resistance groups in Kachin & Northern Shan States. As elections draw near Burma Army troops are heavily reinforcing their positions with supplies and soldiers. Despite ceasefire discussions the Burma Army has refused to halt military operations against Kachin and Shan groups as well as against civilians. Nam Lim Pa, in Mansi Township, has also come under increased control by the Burma Army. At present Burma Army Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 105, 318, 319 and 236 are currently occupying Nam Lim Pa.

Clashes (between Burma Army and ethnic resistance groups) – 78

Burma Army Troop Movement – 4695

Burma Army Fighter Jet (Recon) – 4

Burma Army Helo (Recon) – 3

Burma Army Trucks (Troop movement and Supply) – 82

Burma Army Horses (Supply) –

Burma Army Killed – 59

Burma Army Wounded – 116

Kachin Independence Army Killed – 3

Kachin Independence Army Wounded – 2

Civilian Killed – 5

Civilian Raped – 2

Civilian Wounded – 5

Civilian Tortured – 14

Civilians Arbitrarily Detained or Abducted (No reason given to the person for their arrest and detainment) – 69

Displaced People – 67


On 9 September two Kachin school teachers, La Mya Tawng and Ja Brim Ra, were raped by two Burma Army Border Guard Force (BGF) soldiers identified as Hpaugaw Zung Ying and Jinghpau Chyang Ying at Man Dawng in Waingmaw Township. As of this report there has been no investigation nor justice for this atrocity.

On the 27th and 28th of August a married woman named Ra Lu, aged 28, along with her one year old infant were reported missing from Shang Htung Village in Mansi Township. Their whereabouts are still unknown. During those same two days a Mr. Shau Shang Ang and Mr. Lau Ying reported that their houses were looted by units from Burma Army Infantry Battalion (IB) 101 and Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 77 which were passing through the town.


Between 1640-1810 on 27 September approximately 250 Burma Army troops from Infantry Battalion (IB) 47 and Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 438 and 601 conducted ground offensives on Lung Ja Hkyet Post, Mansi Township, where Kachin Independence Army (KIA) soldiers were positioned. The Burma Army suffered 14 soldiers killed and 15 wounded.

At 1300 on 22 September Burma Army troops riding in 13 military trucks had a chance encounter with KIA troops. The clash resulted in 2 Burma Army military trucks destroyed and 6 Burma Army soldiers killed and a number of personnel injured. The incident took place at head of Lung Hkang Village between 105-Mile and Nam Tau in Muse Township.

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