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Fighting between Tatmadaw and KNLA soldiers leads to violent abuse and displacement of villagers in Bu Tho Township, Hpapun District, October 2015

By Karen Human Rights Group  •  October 13, 2015

This News Bulletin describes three separate incidents of fighting that occurred on September 30th 2015, between Tatmadaw and Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) soldiers in Day Wah and Kyaw Pah village tracts, Bu Tho Township, Hpapun District. This includes arbitrary arrest and detention, violent abuse of a villager, restrictions on the freedom of movement, and displacement of villagers.

  • The deputy commander of KNLA Company #4 reported that his soldiers engaged in a fight with Tatmadaw soldiers due to the Tatmadaw soldiers failing to abide by the ceasefire agreement and crossing over their delimited area.
  • Following one of the skirmishes, Tatmadaw soldiers violently abused a 61-year-old male villager, accusing him of providing them with false information regarding the whereabouts of KNLA soldiers. They then arrested him and ordered him to follow them for one day before finally releasing him.
  • Due to the fighting, approximately ten households in Meh K’Naw village, Kyaw Pah village tract temporarily fled to the area surrounding Myaing Gyi Nyu Town in Hpa-an District. At the time KHRG received this information, these villagers had not yet returned to their village.
  • Following the fighting, Tatmadaw and Border Guard Force (BGF) soldiers set up a checkpoint on the vehicle road between Hpapun and Ka Ma Maung towns and stopped all cars in search of Karen National Union (KNU) members.[1]

Download the full News Bulletin in English here.

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