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World Peace Day: Statement by Karen National Union

By Karen National Union  •  September 21, 2015

1. We, the Karen National Union (KNU), warinly welcoine the World Peace Day, which is today. September 21, 2015, in accordance with the 2001 UN General Assembly Resolution (55/282), designating September 21 as the World Peace Day.

2. We wotild like to make known ardently to all the people in the Union of Burma/Myanmar that the KNU is founded on democratic principles and it is an organization that has been struggling consistently for peace. democracy, human rights, national equality and self- determination, and the emergence off flourishing Federal Union.

3. Accordingly, the KNU has called consistently on successive governments to resolve the political problems peacefully by political means, and to show that it is implementing the policy in practice, the KNU signed a preliminary ceasefire agreement with Naing-gan-dor Government on January 12, 2013.

4. It is the view of the KNU that President U Thein should issue, on this World Peace Day, an order to all the government troops active in areas of the ethnic nationalities to halt military offensives and acts of war, in order to demonstrate that the government sincerely wants peace in the country and undertakes for it, in practice.

5. Similarly, we the KNU solemnly urge and call on the government organizations, government armed forces and the armed organizations  of the ethnic nationalities to give priority only to the way of finding answers to political problems peacefully. by political means.

6. We also call on the entire people to avoid Tom all talks and writings that might damage peace at a time when the Union of Burma/Myanmar government and the armed organizations o£ the ethnic nationalities are holding talks for Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), and to make utmost effort to help and support, as much as possible.

7. We the KNU have the desire to find answer to political problems politically by peaceful means only and, as the final point, we would like to inform the UN and the international organizations that we are making supreme effort to achieve a genuine NCA and intently call on them to rally For finding answer to flue political problems of Burma/Myanmar. We the KNU oppose the use of violence to resolve political problems and we affirm that we are ready to find answer politically to the NCA and the political problems.

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