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FBR Report: July Update – Kachin and northern Shan State

By Free Burma Ranger  •  August 14, 2015

The Burma Army continues its attacks in Kachin State and northern Shan State, Burma. Clashes continue unabated, as the Burma Army attacks Mali Yang Village in northern Shan State, and abuses such as killings, torture, forced labor, and theft remain a tool of the Burma Army to oppress ethnic groups in Burma. Please see below the list of figures for specific accounts of Burma Army abuses.

Totals for July:

  • Clashes – 59
  • Burma Army Troop Movement – 4090
  • Burma Army Fighter Jet (Attack) – 2
  • Burma Army Fighter Jet (Recon) – 7
  • Burma Army Helo (Recon) – 7
  • Burma Army Injured – 28
  • Burma Army Killed – 61
  • Burma Army Trucks – 80
  • Burma Army Horses (Supply) – 63
  • Kachin Independence Army Killed – 2
  • Kachin Independence Army Wounded – 12
  • Civilian Killed – 3
  • Civilian Tortured – 12
  • Civilian Injured – 7
  • Civilians Arbitrarily Detained or Abducted (No reason given to the person for their arrest and detainment) – 17
  • Displaced people – 200+

One Civilian Killed and Two Wounded by Burma Army

On 13 July, the Burma Army Light Infantry Division (LID) 99 were en route to attack a Kachin Independence Army position near Kawng Hka Village, Pangsang Township, northern Shan State, when, during the Burma Army’s movement, they came across a landmine which exploded. The LID 99 troops reacted to the explosion by indiscriminately firing in all directions. Another Burma Army unit then began to support LID 99 by indirect mortar fire around LID 99’s position.

One of the rounds fired by the Burma Army struck Hpaushin Naw, a cattleman, in the chest, killing him. He was found near his cattle with multiple shrapnel wounds from a mortar that had impacted nearby. Another mortar round impacted in the nearby Kawng Hka Village where one man and woman, husband and wife, were doing farm work when they were hit by shrapnel from the mortar round. They sustained multiple injuries and were admitted into Muse hospital. Two more mortar rounds impacted on the China side of Burma / China border.

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