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Statement No. (8/2015) Visit to Mandalay, Naung Cho, Thi Paw and Lashio Township Prisons and Work Stations

By Myanmar National Human Rights Commission  •  July 7, 2015
  1. A team from the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission comprising of commission members U Zaw Win, U Nyunt Swe and Daw Mya Mya accompanied by Dr.Zay Yar Soe, assistant director and Daw Shwe Yee San from the commission office visited the prisons and detention centers of Mandalay, Naung Cho, Thi Paw and Lashio Township on 8th June 2015.
  2. The team look through the records, inspected the sleeping quarter and individually met and interviewed the detainee prisoners and convict labourers.
  3. The findings can be summarized as follow:
  • Base on the calculation of 18 square feet per person the Mandalay prison has a capacity of 4000 prisoners but at the present moment more than 5000 prisoners are being held.
  • The funds for the training conducted at Mandalay prison is paid out of the prison funds.
  • Some
  • It was found out there is no lady doctor in Mandalay prison.
  • The hospital of Mandalay prison has a capacity of 25 in patients but very little supply is received from the Ministry of Health.
  • The prison department is trying to meet the UN standard minimum rules.
  • Sanitary packs are not adequate enough for the female prisoners/detainee in Mandalay prison.
  • In No.(1) quary of Htone Bo it was found that the prison rules are displayed on a red board while the release date of the convict labourers are displayed on a white board.
  • In No. (1) quary of Htone Bo the convict labourers can give the opinions in writing and putting them in the post box set up in the dining room.
  • It was found out that in quary Htone Bo (1) and Htone Bo (2) ceiling fans have been installed in the sleeping quarters.
  • At the Lwin Gyi agriculture and livestock breeding camp there are labourers who suffer from diabetes and hyper tension but there is no pressure cup and blood sugar testing equipment.
  • It was found out that in Lwin Gyi agriculture and livestock breeding center there is one convict labourer who is more than sixty years old.
  • In Thi Paw prison there is a washing facility but the embankment is too low. So that the water again flow into the well.
  • The sleeping quarter in Thi Paw prison do not have good ventilation and that is why it is very hot.
  • In Larshio prison there is HIV and TB screening for prisoners who wish to undergo the screening.
  • It was found out that the number of prisoners is twice that of the capacity.
  • It was found out that TB and HIV patients are not kept separately but kept together in Larshio prison.

Recommendation from the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission

  1. Recommendations:
  • The vocational training at Mandalay prison should be open continuously and the expensive for the training should have a separate fund.
  • The prisoners in Mandalay prison exceed the capacity of the prison. Therefore additional sleeping quarters should be installed. Although who can get bail should be released on bail. Amnesty should be granted to prisoners who release date is almost due or otherwise they could be released on parole.
  • To appoint a lady doctor who post vacant.
  • Hospital equipment and medicine should be put up to the Ministry of Health for the 25 bedded Mandalay prison hospital.
  • The storage of husks use in the kitchen should be kept under roof.
  • Income generated from the income generating activities should be kept systematically and labour cost for the convict labourers should be considered.
  • The labour charges for the convict from the work camps should be paid in full to the convict labourers.
  • Suggestion box like the one that is kept at No.(1) quary Htone Bo should also be introduced as well.
  • The library at Lwin Gyi camp has a very few books. Therefore acquisition of books should be considered.
  • Literacy courses for illiterate prisoners in work camp should be opened.
  • The convict labourer who is over sixty years old should be transferred back to the prison.
  • The embankment of Thi Paw prison bath room should be raised by two feet.
  • The sleeping quarter of Thi Paw prison should be installed with ceiling fans.
  • The prisoners in Lashio prison exceed the capacity of the prison. Therefore additional sleeping quarters should be installed.
  • As there is only three prisons namely Lashio, Thi Paw and Laukkaing in Shan State (North) construction of more prisons should be considered wherever appropriate.
  • Power Point presentation on the arrangement made to be in line with UN standard minimum rules should be prepared to be presented to foreign organizations that visit the prison.
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