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Truth and Justice for Ko Par Gyi

By Ma Thandar  •  June 26, 2015

I am seeking justice for my husband. My husband was captured, tortured and killed by the military in October 2014, in Kyaikmayaw in Myanmar’s Mon State. His name was Aung Kyaw Naing. He is also known as Ko Par Gyi. He was a freelance reporter.

When I tried to exhume my husband’s body and bring it to his native town in Yangon, I faced a lot of challenges and obstacles.

Due to Myanmar’s poor judicial system and the military’s interference in the case, I am facing a lot of difficulties in getting justice for my husband.

The military released a statement on May 8, 2015 saying that they acquitted and released the two soldiers who were involved in the killing of my husband. I oppose this decision because I consider it contrary to the 2008 Constitution and against human rights law.

A civilian court has conducted a death inquest regarding my husband’s killing. On June 23rd, the judges confirmed that my husband was shot and killed. But I fear that they will not open a criminal case because of the earlier decision of the military court.

I will try my best, using any means I can, to get justice and a fair trial in a civilian court for my husband’s case.

I am asking that:

– The President of Myanmar and the Commander in Chief of Myanmar Defense Services review the process and findings of the military court in the Ko Par Gyi case and refer it to a civilian court;

– The President of Myanmar, Head of the Government, bring an end to impunity for cases of torture and ratify the Convention against Torture;

– The Chief of Myanmar Police Force, following the revelations of the death inquest, conduct a full investigation and bring criminal charges in a civilian court against those found responsible for the killing, extrajudicial detention and torture of Ko Par Gyi; and,

– The ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights  (AICHR) engage proactively on issues around torture prevention and accountability, and specifically request that the Government of Myanmar provide information on the Ko Par Gyi case.


Ma Thandar, widow of Ko Par Gyi

View the video here: https://www.change.org/p/president-of-myanmar-commander-in-chief-of-myanmar-defense-services-chief-of-myanmar-police-force-asean-intergovernmental-commission-on-human-rights-truth-and-justice-for-ko-par-gyi#petition-letter

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