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2014 Padoh Mahn Sha Young Leader Award Goes to Karen Activist Naw Hsa Moo

By Phan Foundation  •  May 12, 2015

The Phan Foundation is thrilled to announce the winner of 2014 Padoh Mahn Sha Young Leader Award, which goes to a prominent Karen activist Naw Hsa Moo. With a certificate of recognition, the award comes with a $2000 grant, as a means to practically support the community work by Naw Hsa Moo.

A former Chairperson of the Karen Student Network Group (KSNG), Naw Hsa Moo is currently an advisor to the group, which nominated her for the award. KSNG is the first Karen student organisation formed in 1996 to represent Karen students, advocate for them, work for their development such as seeking educational opportunities, and preparation for future leadership as well as taking an active role in preserving and promoting Karen culture and literature. In the nomination letter, KSNG said “Naw Hsa Moo, as a young woman leader, she has a strong commitment in working for her people with many achievements focusing on young Karen students. During her 10 years at KSNG, she implemented the tasks as laid down by the organisation and she was a leader that people could trust and rely on. We have seen several achievements such as the establishment of community radio stations. She is a very good role model for young people”.

In 2014, Naw Hsa Moo began to work with the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN) as Media Coordinator. Her job includes raising awareness about grassroots people’s voice via media using radio and videos. She also does advocacy work to raise awareness about the situation of the Karen people.

Naw Hsa Moo, winner of the 2014 Padoh Mahn Sha Young Leader Award said “I am very surprised and delighted to receive this award. Padoh Mahn Sha was the role model leader who I always looked up and admired. Personally, I was very close to him and he always encouraged me and other young people to work for freedom, justice and peace. As he was the best role model, I would like to remind and encourage other youth to follow his footsteps to love Karen people and to continue working for freedom until we achieve our goal”.

Saw Say Say Phan, eldest son of Padoh Mahn Sha and Slone Phan, the youngest son, presented the award at the Karen National Seminar in Lay Wah, which was held between 6-9 May 2015.

“In memory of our father, through the Phan Foundation, we recognise an outstanding young Karen leader every year by honouring them with the Padoh Mahn Sha Young Leader Award,” said Saw Say Say Phan, eldest son of Padoh Mahn Sha.

Slone Phan, the youngest son of Padoh Mahn Sha said, “My father would be proud to see there are many remarkable young Karen leaders who work so hard for the development of our Karen people. We hope to see more nominations for this leadership award in the future”.

Padoh Mahn Sha Lah Phan was the General Secretary of the Karen National Union. He was assassinated by agents of the Burmese dictatorship on 14 February 2008. His four children set up the Phan Foundation in his memory, and in memory of their mother Nant Kyin Shwe, following his assassination. The Foundation aims to support the Karen people in alleviating poverty, providing education, promoting human rights and protecting Karen culture.

For more information and for interview with Naw Hsa Moo, please contact:

Naw Hsa Moo: +66817408119 (Thailand time)
Saw Say Say Phan: +66844941027 (Thailand time)
Slone Phan: +12042296613 (Canada Time)


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