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Statement No.(2/2015) The Armed Conflict in Laukkai Area

By Myanmar National Human Rights Commission  •  February 27, 2015
  1. Fighting which broke out on the 9th of February in Laukkai area between the Tatmadaw and the Kokang renegade Group is still raging. The Commission notes with sadness the heavy causalities suffered in the combat area by the populace and combatants of both sides.
  2. To establish everlasting peace in the Union after (60) years of armed conflict, the State level dignitaries, Hluttaw representatives, responsible persons from the Tatmadaw and various armed groups have been striving to negotiate a cease-fire to end the hostilities and it is assumed that significant advances have already been made. The Commission is concerned that the armed conflict which has resumed in the area can hinder the state peace process already in place.
  3. In the event of armed clashes or action taken in line with military maneuvers, both sides should take extra care not to inflict undue damage to the lives and belongings of the populace.
  4. The political culture of the present times is to settle differences through face to face negotiations. The Commission believes that the people of the Union will be much relieved if a settlement can be reached through such means.
  5. In the event of an armed conflict the victims who suffered are the inhabitants living in the area, and they usually end up as internally displaced persons. The Commission would like to urge and request all local and international organizations to provide humanitarian assistance to all the displaced persons to meet their basic needs.
  6. The Commission would like to urge that activities detrimental to the efforts for supply of humanitarian relief should be avoided.
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