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Statement on Letpadaung Region Crackdown that Killed One Local Resident

By Member Parties of United Nationalities Alliance and Partner Political Parties and Ceasefire Ethnic Armed Groups and Mass-based Civil Society Organizations  •  December 24, 2014

Member political parties of United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) and partner political parties, ceasefire ethnic armed groups and mass based civil society organizations totaling 25 organizations held a consultation on 23rd and 24th December 2014, at Royal Rose Hall in Shwegondine, Bahan Township, Yangon and agreed on the following opinions:

  1. In the afternoon of 22 December 2014, security forces’ crackdown with gunfire caused the death of an innocent local farmer Daw Khin Win (aged 56) and many local residents wounded in Letpadaung area, Salingyi Township, Monywa District, Sagaing Utterly shocked to hear about the killing of a citizen of our country and wounding of many others in full view of public, we condemn this atrocious act.
  1. In a similar incident in the morning of 29 November 2012, crackdown of monks and local residents with incendiary bombs had inflicted many monks and laymen with serious wounds but this case was settled with very little accountability, responsibility and We earnestly urge relevant officials to address the latest incident with transparency and effective accountability until residents are satisfied.
  1. Although Wanbao and Myanmar Economic Holding (MEHL) have pledged to implement the recommendations of Letpadaung Enquiry Commission issued in March 2013, they are still carrying out the project on confiscated land which refused to accept compensation. We therefore denounce the Wanbao and MEHL for violating the pledge.
  1. In addition, we solemnly demand the relevant officials to immediately stop such recurrent violent suppressions, effectively fulfill the recommendations in the Letpadaung report, and take correct and efficient legal action on the current homicide case until all affected persons are We also state that we will stand with and support the activities of local populace of Letpadaung struggling to defend their own rights.

Member parties of United Nationalities Alliance and partner political parties, Ceasefire ethnic armed groups, Mass-based civil society organizations

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