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Statement from First European Rohingya Conference

By European Rohingya Conference  •  December 31, 2014

Europe based Rohingyas held a very first conference in Esbjerg, Denmark from 27th to 28th December 2014. All Rohingya organizations in Europe joined to work collectively for the suffering of Rohingyas in Arakan State and to raise stronger voice against quasi-civilian Burmese government.

At first, the attendees at the conference strongly condemned the killing of innocent Rohingyas in Arakan. Their concern on honorable repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration of Rohingya refugees to original places in the homeland of Arakan was stressed at the conference.

Although Human Rights Watch (HRW) has gathered evidence of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity on the Rohingyas in Arakan, the European Union has yet to take any action in response to those evidence. Independent international investigation is urgently needed to find out what really is happening on Rohingyas in Arakan since June 2012. As the policy of European Union on Burma is ignoring the serious human rights violations on Rohingyas in Burma, we, the Rohingyas in Europe urge the European Union to balance the policy of EU on Burma.

The Rohingyas in Burma should be part of the democratic transition and Burma must adopt all-inclusive policy. The dialogue between Muslim Rohingyas and Buddhist Rakhines must be arranged by the government with a view of burying prejudice and easing tensions for a “peaceful co-existence” as equal citizens.

The Rohingyas in Europe are very much concerned that wait-and-see diplomacy of international community is not going to bring the major changes that would ensure proper humanitarian access in Arakan State. Strong international presence and magnified humanitarian assistance is urgently needed to save lives.

By denying the Rohingyas’ legal existence, designing extensive structures of discrimination and depriving a large segment of Rohingya population even basic humanitarian services such as provision of water, food and medicine, the Burmese government is destroying the entire people.

The first European Rohingya Conference demands from Burmese government to immediately:

  1. To stop systematic persecution on Rohingyas
  2. To stop killing innocent Rohingyas and release all Rohingyas who are detained/imprisoned on fabricated charges
  3. To remove all restrictions on movement, marriage, education and religious practices of Rohingya people
  4. To restore full citizenship and ethnic rights of the Rohingya people

The Conference urge UN, EU, UK and US governments:

  1. To support UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to take a lead in negotiating unhindered international humanitarian access in Rakhine State.
  2. To support international investigation on human rights abuses and ongoing ethnic cleansing against Rohingyas.
  3. To put pressure on President Thein Sein’s government either to repeal or to amend the 1982 Citizenship Law so that it conform with international standard.
  4. To put pressure on President Thein Sein’s government to stop the segregation of communities in Arakan and replace it with a proactive policy of “peaceful co-existence”.

Meanwhile Rohingya Organizations in Europe welcome the UN General Assembly resolution urging Burmese government to provide “full citizenship” to its Rohingya Muslim minority and to allow them to move freely within the country.

Signatories to this Conference Statement

  • Burmese Rohingya Community in Denmark
  • Burmese Rohingya Community in Netherlands
  • Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK
  • Bradford Rohingya Community in UK
  • Rohingya Community in Germany
  • Rohingya Community in Switzerland
  • Rohingya Organisation Norway
  • Rohingya Community in Sweden
  • Rohingya Community in Finland

For more information please contact;

Tun Khin + 44 7888714866
Nay San Lwin +49 1796535213

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