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Exiled activists call for clearer policy on return

Originally appeared in Mazzima

December 17, 2014

Myanmar exiles claim President U Thein Sein’s open-door promises to help exiles return have not been honored.

This is the message that will be conveyed at a press conference by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners and Burma Partnership on December 18 at the Myanmar Media Library in Botataung Township, Yangon.

The press conference will look at the hurdles that many exiled Myanmar citizens and groups claim are being thrown up by the current government.

During 2014, cases of deportation, visa rejection and a long wait in obtaining citizenship have
increased, particularly among activists and political forces, while resettlement and visa applications for those who align their political beliefs with the government have been able to obtain their documents without restrictions or delays, according to the NGOs.

The NGOs say the government should provide a clearer policy. They claim many people are left in limbo and feel restricted in their role and contribution for genuine reform and track towards democratization in Myanmar.


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