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All Kachin Students and Youth Union’s 6 th Conference Announcement

By All Kachin Students and Youth Union  •  November 16, 2014

All Kachin Students and Youth Union (AKSYU) had been held sixth conference in Myitkyina, Kachin State on August 7th – 8th, 2014 and central executive committee members also elected from the conference.

After all representatives from conference agreed to use the name of All Kachin Youth Union (AKYU), and then the representatives dissolved All Kachin Students and Youth Union (AKSYU).

We changed this name because we have some other reason as we try to stay and work inside Burma. AKYU wants to have genuine Federal Union in Burma, and it will work for national affairs and youth empowerment.

And the following were vision, goal, and objective;

Vision: To achieve an authentic Federal Union in Burma.
Goal: To build free, justice, equal and peaceful society in Burma.
Objective: To safeguard the national interest of Kachin through youth empowerment.

Central Executive Committee Members
1. Chair Person Saga Ja Aung Lu @ Pan Tsun
2. Vice Chair Person Hpauna Seng Hkum
3. General Secretary Lum Zawng @ Solomon
4. Joint General Secretary (1) Htu San
5. Joint General Secretary (2) San Yee

Central Committee Members
1. Bu Ra
2. Ah Ze
3. Roi Ji
4. Zung Lung
5. Htin Mang Wang
6. Htoi Ra
7. Lu Lu Aung
8. Ja San Lu
9. Htoi Aung Latt
10. Seng Nu Pan
11. Hkun Nawng

Advisory Board Members
1. Mung Seng Tu
2. Gum Ja Naw
3. Naw San
4. Leonard Shinra Chan
5. Nhkum Gun
6. Ah Dau

To Contact:
All Kachin Youth Union (AKYU)
Email: akyu1988@gmail.com
1. Saga Ja Aung Lu @ Pan Tsun (Chair Person) + 95 (0) 9450062957
2. Lum Zawng @ Solomon (General Secretary) + 95 (0) 931304385

Download the announcement here.

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