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Two New Briefers: The State of Burma’s Peace Process and Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Burma

By Burma Partnership and Assistance Association for Political Prisoners - Burma  •  October 7, 2014

Burma Partnership has produced two new briefing papers in connection with Burma-related advocacy at the current 69th session of the UN General Assembly.

Despite recent statement by Burma’s Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin at the UN General Assembly claiming Burma has made progress towards democracy and peace as well as respect for human rights, for many people, the reality on the ground is much the same as it was before for many, especially a vast majority ordinary people and grassroots communities.

While the Burma Government promotes its rhetoric of peace through the discussion of a nationwide ceasefire agreement, the Burma Army continues its aggression against ethnic groups. They even continue their offensives against groups that have a ceasefire, as seen in the recent fighting between Burma Army and Shan State Army–North in Kyeithi Township, Shan State. To ensure the right of self-determination, equality and justice for ethnic people, there is a need for a closer look at the current situation of peace and conflict that takes into account their grievances and suffering.

In addition, President Thein Sein’s statement that no more political prisoners remained at the end of 2013 has done little to improve government relationships with civil society or the public.  According to Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), activists, farmers, human rights defenders, journalists and peaceful protestors continue to have their fundamental freedoms violated through arrests, detainment and imprisonment among other tactics throughout 2014. The repressive legislations and shrinking space of civil society must be brought to the forefront of the discussions. A new UN General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution must be adopted to reflect the failure of the Burma Government to implement the recommendations from the UNGA Resolution 68/242, adopted in 2013.

Tension, Discord and Insecurity: The State of Burma/Myanmar’s Peace Process

This briefing paper analyzes the current state of Burma’s peace process and the patterns of human rights abuses in both ceasefire and non-ceasefire areas. It shows that despite the positive noises coming from the government, especially around the as yet unfinished nationwide ceasefire agreement, the Burma Army is still a major obstacle in moving towards a political settlement, while the situation on the ground is becoming more and more tense.

Download the full briefer here

A Briefing Paper on the Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Burma/Myanmar

This briefing paper written by Burma Partnership and the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) analyses and exposes the shrinking space for civil society in Burma. It shows how the Burma authorities have been arresting, detaining, charging, sentencing and imprisoning activists, farmers, human rights defenders, journalists and peaceful protestors throughout 2014, enacting legislation that is not in line with international human rights law, refusing to repeal draconian colonial- and junta-era legislation, and failing to protect people’s fundamental rights to freedom of assembly, association and expression. A longer version of the briefing paper, which includes case examples throughout 2014 and more detailed analysis and a short summary version is available for download

Download the full briefer here
Download the summary here

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