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The Pressure is Working

By Burma Campaign UK  •  June 9, 2014

Dear friend

There has just been a success in our campaign to help end rape and sexual violence by the Burmese Army.

The Burmese government has just become the 150th country to sign the Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. The declaration contains practical and political commitments to end impunity, promote accountability, and provide justice and safety for victims of sexual violence in conflicts.

The signing of the declaration comes on the eve of the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence in Conflict, being hosted by the British government and Angelina Jolie.

Together we pressured the British government to do more to help stop rape and sexual violence in Burma. The British government then applied pressure on the Burmese government. Now the Burmese government has signed the declaration. This shows that pressure does work.

However, just because Burma has signed the declaration, it doesn’t mean that they will actually do anything about it. We have seen a great many broken promises by President Thein Sein in the past, including his failure to release all political prisoners by the end of last year, his failure to stop using child soldiers in the Burmese Army, and his failure to stop Burmese Army attacks in Kachin State.

Pressure must be maintained to ensure that President Thein Sein agrees concrete actions within a specific timeframe to actually implement the declaration.

Since Thein Sein became President, the Burmese Army has continued to rape ethnic women and girls, including 8 year olds, and grandmothers. They must be stopped!

Please email Foreign Secretary William Hague to thank him for persuading the Burmese government to sign the declaration, and asking him to keep up the pressure.

Take action here:<http://burmacampaign.org.uk/take-action/stop-rape-and-sexual-violence-in-burma/action-stop-rape-in-burma/>


Thank you for your continuing support. It means so much to the women of Burma.

Zoya Phan
Burma Campaign UK

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