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67yr-old Refugee From Burma Does 2 Mile High Fundraising Parachute Jump

By Burma Campaign UK  •  March 15, 2014

Aunty Pamela, a 67 year old refugee from Burma now living in the UK, Aunty Pamela Parachute Jump 15th March 2014 Burma Campaign UKtoday jumped out of a 2 mile high plane to raise funds for Burma Campaign UK. The sponsored jump has so far raised more than £2,600.

Aunty Pamela was a nurse in Burma and helped students who were shot by soldiers during the uprising in 1988. She has been volunteering at Burma Campaign UK for eight years.

Aunty Pamela said: “It was amazing. Like coming back from the Moon. I loved it. When I came to the UK I wanted to help Burma Campaign UK because I know they help my people. Every week as I volunteer, I see that Burma Campaign does very good work for my country. I really appreciate it. I want to raise money so Burma Campaign UK can do more work to help my country. Please help me raise money. Please help my country.”

“The soldiers are still shooting civilians even now. They are shooting many ethnic people, just ordinary farmers and others who haven’t done anything wrong. They don’t stop even though they say they will. I feel so sad for the people who have to run away from their homes and whose children or parents have been killed.”

Donations can be made at here

Media Contact:
Zoya Phan, Campaigns Manager of Burma Campaign UK, +44(0)7738630139

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