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51st Anniversary of Ta’ang National Resistance Day Statement

By Palaung State Liberation Front  •  January 12, 2014

1.        The 51 anniversary commemorating the armed struggle of all Ta’ang nationals to get free from Myanmar’s dictatorial governments’ oppression falls on 12 January, 2014.

2.        On this remarkable resistance day, we, the PSLF/TNLA Central Committee, send our deepest respect and take great pride in our heroic nationals who gave their lives and lost possessions during the 51 years of the revolutionary road towards the creation of a Ta’ang Nation that guarantees democracy, human rights, ethnic equality and the establishment of a genuine Federal Union securing national autonomy.

3.        Members from the Front’s Central Committee and TNLA commanders have set up a Political Central Committee to meet our political goals promptly. They have also reinforced our armed forces that were deployed in the whole Ta’ang region. In 2013, our forces established control over Namsan, Mantong, Namkham, Kutkhai, Namtu, Kyaukmae, Moegote, and Moemaik townships. In 2014, our objective is to reinforce our peoples’ organization and extend our control over more areas in the Ta’ang region.

4.        With the final objective of a “total eradication of drugs in the Ta’ang region in 2017”, the PSLF managed to solve the drug issue to some extent. Since the start of our drug eradication plan in 2012, we have taken actions against drug smugglers and we intend to gear up our activities to reach our objective.

5.        In 2013, more than a hundred armed clashes occurred between the Myanmar army and TNLA forces, most of them while our forces were conducting drug eradication activities in Ta’ang region. In some clashes, we fought alongside our allied ethnic forces. Thanks to the full support of the Ta’ang people, we have seized a great deal of weapons and ammunitions from the Myanmar army. These clashes also resulted in the loss of lives amongst Myanmar ranks.

6.        The Front fully supports the cease-fire and peace process initiated by the UNFC and the NCCT. On one hand, we try to get a genuine cease-fire and peace in the entire nation, but on the other hand, we realize that the Myanmar army still fuels armed struggle and oppression in ethnic regions. We strongly urge President U Thein Sein’s government to put an end to these activities which constitute a major obstacle on the peace process for the entire nation.

7.        In conclusion, the PSLF would like to encourage our Ta’ang people to march forward alongside Ta’ang troops until we meet our goals. We release this statement on our 51st anniversary resistance day and appeal to our people to join in our movement.

Contact number: 95-9 4931 4951
   66-80 127 2548

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