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Statement on International Day of Peace

By 68 civil society organizations from Burma  •  September 21, 2013

In order to establish long-term peace-building in Republic of Union of Myanmar, monks, public, ethnic nationalities and civil societies who long for peace collaborated and participated peace-making activities in various approaches across the country on September 21, 2013 as International Day of Peace.

Such peace-making activities were performed based on three main goals.

These are –

– to extirpate the nation-wide social, religious conflicts, opressions and long-lasting civil war happening in
the country.
– to spread the Peace Words among the public and mobilize the people to join in Peace-Building Process.
– To reconcile the whole nation.

We strongly believe that the government of Myanmar must responsibly act to accomplish above goals desired by monks and whole public who long for peace.

In order to fulfill public’s desires and goals, the government has to undertake actions as follows –

  1. To stop launching attacks from government military and to officially announce ceasefire across the country
  2. To establish developed and long lasting peace by collaborating among government, military and parliaments while performing processes of peacebuilding.
  3. To announce amnesty in order to let all political forces, ethnic nationalities and whole public who are either at home or abroad participate in processes of peacebuilding and to withdraw all kinds of prosecution against activists advocating for famers’ rights, labours’ rights and political beliefs.
  4. To immediately abrogate laws against democracy values such as Peaceful Assembly and Peaceful Procession Law, 1950 Emergency Provisions Act , Illegal Organisation Act and other State protection laws which persecute freedom of speech and participating of public that is essentially important for reforming a democratic country.
  5. To immediately call for a transparent national convention with representatives from government, military, ethnic nationalities, political forces, civil socieithes and rest of the public.
  6. To responsibly and immediately take action by government and respective authoritative orgnisations in order to provide necessary support for recovery and rehabilitation of Myanmar citizens and ethnic nationalities with regards to food, accomodation, healthcare and education at war and conflicts-affected areas
  7. To effectively and immediately take action to end racial and religious conflicts for safety of public and to effectively prosecute against those who committed violence in order to prevent risk of violence.

We profoundly urge government of Myanmar to undertake above requests as a government which respects the duties assigned by public according to public’s desires.

Public desire for peace

The Endorsed CSOs’ List for the above statement

Paung Ku
Pray for Myanmar
Generation Wave
ျမန္မာ့အေရးပူးေပါင္းေဆာင္ရြက္သူမ်ား (BP- Burma Partnership)
Network for Democracy & Development
Mekong Ecology and Energy Network (Myanmar)
Mizzama Youth Network
Voluntary Internship Program
Safety Net
Myanmar Youth Empowerment Program
Poets’ Union
Activists for Interfaith
Ygn-liza Peace Walkers
Equality Myanmar
Irrawady West Development Organizationစိမ္းေရာင္စို( Sein Yaung So)
Chin Land Natural Resource Watch Group
အလင္းေစတမန္ကဗ်ာခ်စ္သူမ်ားအသင္း (PLA)
Youth Development Network
Student’s Union ( Organizing Committee)
MIDO ( Myanmar Media Development Organization)
KWEG-Karen Women Empowerment Group
Chin Youth Network
MYCO ( Myanmar Youth Contributive Organization)
Myanmar Youths In Action
Dawei Development Association (DDA)
Youth Resource Developement Program
Youth Circle
Dawei Human Rights Watch
National Good-governance Individuals(NGI) Karen Youth Network
Ar Yone Oo
Network for Human Right Documentation in Burma.(ND Burma)
Generation Youth
Divers Youth Art Platform
ေဂဟဟိတ – Environment Network
Myitta Ta Yar Eainနာဂေတာင္တန္းဖံြ ့ျဖိုးေရးအဖဲြ ့( NHDN)
Free Legal Aid Myanmar
Dawei Farmer Network
ရန္ကုန္အေျခစိုက္ပရဟိတလူငယ္မ်ားကြန္ယက္ (Yangon Youth Domicile Volunteers Network)
WON – Women Organization Network
Burmese Women’s Union
ပန္းရဲ ့လမ္း (Pan Yae Lan)
Upper Burma English Teachers Training Association New Myanmar Foundation
Dhamma Piti
နိုင္ငံေရးအက်ဉ္းသားေဟာင္းမ်ားအဖဲြ့ခု်ပ္(Political Prisoners’ Federation)
ဖန္တီးအိမ္(Phan Tee Eain)
ေသြးေမတၱာ (Thway Metta )
ေရႊဘုိေရႊၿခေသၤ ( Shwe Bo Shwe ChinTae)
အလင္းေစတမာန္(A Lin Saytamhan)
ေရွြသံစဉ္(Shwe Than Sin)
ဂူ်းေဖာင္ေဒးရွင္း ( Juu Foundation)
National Youth Congress (NYC)
Color Rainbows
ျမန္မာနိုင္ငံလူငယ္မ်ားအစည္းအရံုး(MYU) Myanmar Youth Union
Kachin Peace Network
ကခ်င္အမို်းသမီးမ်ား ျငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရးကြန္ရက္(Kachin Woment Peace Network)
Forum for Democracy in BurmaBrave New Burma
Green Myanmar Network
Graffiti လူငယ္မ်ား (Graffiti Youths)
MMSY (Myanmar Muslim Student and Youth)
MCPS(Myanmar Conceptual Poets Station)
MNPO ( May Non-Profit Organization )
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