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Statement of the Burma Civil Society Workshop on ASEAN

By 17 Community Organizations from Thailand-Burma Border  •  July 23, 2013

 1. We, 28 representatives from 17 community organizations from Thailand-Burma Border

1.1. acknowledging commitment of Women’s League Burma, SAPA Task Force on ASEAN and Burma, Burma Partnership, Mon Youth Progressive Organization, All Kachin Student Youth Union and Pa-Oh Youth Organization to take part in the preparation and implementation of 2014 ACSC/APF, and commitment of the remaining organizations to maintain solidarity and potential of direct engagement in the ACSC/APF process and other ASEAN advocacy in the future by assigning one focal person from each organization who are to be named no later than 23 July 2013;

2. recommend organizers and participants of ACSC/APF 2014

2.1. To advocate to all parties to not impose any restrictions that undermines inclusiveness on ACSC/APF such as excluding non-registered organizations from the process

2.2. To encourage regular meeting among independent organizations for discussion of issues they would like to raise

2.3. To encourage consultation among civil societies inside Burma/Myanmar and outside Burma/Myanmar to improve understanding for future collaboration

2.4. To work to improve participation of civil societies from throughout the country, especially from ethnic areas, in ACSC/APF and encourage and assist their participation and presentation of their issues;

3. recommend regional organizations and solidarities

3.1. to promote, assist and take part in an independent ACSC/APF process

3.2. to promote participation of independent civil society organizations of Burma/Myanmar that are based inside and outside of Burma/Myanmar in future ACSC/APF processes; and

4. propose that the following issues be included and set priority accordingly as indicated in the table in discussions during ACSC/APF 2014.

 Burma Civil Society Workshop on ASEAN Table

Download the statement in Burmese here.

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