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73 Prisoners Freed in Latest Presidential Release

By Assistance Association for Political Prisoners - Burma  •  July 24, 2013

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) welcomes the 23rd July release of seventy-three prisoners from prisons across Burma. AAPP (B) will seek to provide support to each of the political prisoners who have been released. Wherever possible, individuals will receive assistance to cover the cost of medical checkups upon leaving prison, as well as for any subsequent medical care they may require. AAPP (B) will continue to provide extensive support and assistance to newly released political prisoners wherever we are able to.

Despite the positive steps taken in freeing those imprisoned, there is still the increasing issue of the number of current activists working openly inside Burma facing indictment and imprisonment for their political actions.

AAPP (B) is aware of over a hundred political and human rights activists who are currently awaiting trial, having been arrested for expressing their views in peaceful demonstrations. AAPP (B) is concerned that regardless of the number of political prisoners being released, there is still an unacceptably high number of people being arrested and charged for their political beliefs and activities.

The ongoing harassment and incarceration of human rights activists and demonstrators is a major obstacle to achieving the goal of national reconciliation and political freedom. The release of political prisoners is a positive step towards achieving this. But it does nothing to change that fact that a large number of Burmese citizens are awaiting trial for charges relating to their political and human rights based activities. It is regrettable than those awaiting trial for these actions are not being discussed and represented. They require as much assistance as those currently incarcerated in attempting to refute the allegations made against them.

AAPP (B) will be attending the next Verification Committee for The Release of Political Prisoners meeting on July 27th 2013 to continue the positive dialogue with the government to secure the release of all remaining political prisoners.

For more information:

Tate Naing (Secretary): +66 (0) 81 287 8751
Bo Kyi (Joint-Secretary): +66 (0) 81 962 8713

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