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Arm Conflict in Kutkai Township Creates More Internal Displacement

By Palaung Women's Organization  •  June 20, 2013

IMG_0256 web by PWOOn 18th June 2013, in Kutkai Township, Northern Shan state, there was a conflict between the TNLA Battalion (112) and the Burmese military Infantry Battalion (IB) 145 which resulted in over one hundred villagers fleeing their homes.

According to one villager, “yesterday after the conflict, 56 people from NougNgar village and over 100 people nearby villages left their homes. Some of them went to Mai Yu village, some of them ran to farms and others ran to nearby villages.”

After the villagers left and locked their shops, the soldiers from Kunlone Infantry Battalion (IB) broke into and robbed the shops. They stole over 2,000,000 Kyat worth of materials.

According to the TNLA leader, “conflict is still happening. The Burmese military and the TNLA have fought twice on the 18th and once on the 19th. The fighting has happened three times. No villagers were injured during the fighting but they were scared so they ran away. Four Burmese soldiers were killed and 30 were injured. They had to be transported by car to the hospital. The fighting was very bad even when people were injured they continued to fight. The TNLA was worried about villagers.”

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