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Declaration of Recognition and Support for the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO)/ Kachin Independence Army (KIA)

By Kachin communities and organizations worldwide  •  March 9, 2013

We, the undersigned Kachin communities and organizations worldwide, officially declare in solidarity that we adamantly recognize and support the objectives, goals and actions of the KIO/KIA government. We would like it to be absolutely clear that the KIO is the only legitimate Kachin political organization defending the fundamental rights of the Kachin people against continual imperialism and internal colonization by the Burmese government and its ruthless army since 1961.

  1. We confirm that the KIO/KIA represents and holds the political mandate of the Kachin people. We recognize that their direction and actions defending the Kachin people’s rights and freedoms are just, honourable and necessary for the survival of Kachin.
  2. The KIA was born out of the Kachin public’s resistance from ethnic and religious persecution by the Burmese government, and the KIO was formed to seek the establishment of a Federal Union of Burma.
  3. We fully endorse and respect the political leadership of the KIO/KIA.
  4. We have unwavering conviction that the KIO/KIA will act to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Kachin people.
  5. We urge the international community to recognize and support the desires of the Kachin people for equal rights, self-determination and autonomy as rightfully granted in the Panglong Agreement.

The international community must understand that the KIO/KIA are not separatists, rebels or insurgents as unfairly accused for decades by the Burmese government’s propaganda to reduce KIO/KIA’s political legitimacy. KIO/KIA hold the political mandate representing the aspirations of the Kachin public while solely defending the fundamental human rights of the Kachin people against six decades of brutal Burmese military attacks and heinous human rights abuses.

In solidarity, the undersigned Kachin communities and organizations:

  1. Kachin Women’s Association Thailand ( KWAT)
  2. Kachin Alliance USA
  3. Kachin Canadian Association (KCA)
  4. New Zealand Kachin Community
  5. Kachin Association of Australia -NSW (KAA)
  6. Kachin Association Norway
  7. United Kachin Association (Dallas Texas)
  8. Kachin Literature and Culture Organisation (JLH)–Singapore
  9. Kachin Literature and Culture Organisation (JLH)- Japan
  10. Kachin Refugee Committee –Malaysia
  11. Kachin Environmental Organisation (KEO)- Thailand
  12. Kachin Development Foundation
  13. Kachin Media US
  14. Kachin Christian Fellowship- Denmark
  15. Kachin Community- Malaysia
  16. Kachin Community Netherland
  17. Kachin Community- Denmark
  18. Kachin Community- Germany
  19. Kachin Community -Sweden
  20. Kachin Community- Czech Republic
  21. Kachin Community- UK
  22. Kachin National Organisation- Japan
  23. Kachin National Organisation- Denmark
  24. Kachin National Organisation- UK


  • Ms.Seng Shadan (+ 66 89 639 6080), Kachin Women’s Association –Thailand
  • Ms.Lahtaw Pri Lum (+1 647 692 4613), Kachin Canadian Association
  • Mr.Gumsan Nsang (+1 4434158683), Kachin Alliance USA
  • Mr.Sumlut Gun Yawng  (+31634944109) , Kachin Community Netherland
  • Mr.Maran Naw Di (+65 94235891), Kachin Literature and Culture Organisation- Singapore
  • Mr.Hkanhpa Sadan (+44 7538258961), Kachin National Organisation
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