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Visit to Kachin IDP camps: 7 to 24 February 2013

By The Kachin Relief Fund  •  February 24, 2013

Since the beginning of fighting in Kachin State on June 9th 2011, the Kachin Relief Fund (KRF) has been providing aid direct to IDPs with local actors. The KRF is fulfilling the major gaps using supporters’ donations, while international agencies have been preoccupied with their inability to operate freely in the KIO administrative areas.

The KRF has identified many needy spaces not been covered by the UN relief agencies or the DFID’s funded projects.

Objectives of the Report

  1. To obtain up-to-date information on the humanitarian situation, especially following the heavy fighting in December 2012 in Kachin State.
  2. The Kachin Relief Fund, registered UK charity to visit to the IDPs in hard to reach areas (by INGOs and foreign relief workers) to have humanitarian situation in the ground, major gaps, challenges and scopes, and recommendations to the humanitarian actors especially to the DFID.
  3. To develop KRF’s strategy for work.
  4. To find out the funding received from the UN relief agencies, INGOs and projects supported by DFID’s partners INGOs in KIO administrative areas as well as Burmese government controlled areas.
  5. To meet representatives of local Non-Governmental Organisations in order to strengthen existing and potential networks of support for KRF partners.
  6. To appoint KRF local coordinator.

Download the full report here. 

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