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Statement of Karen Women Organization’s 6th Congress

By Karen Women Organization  •  February 8, 2013

The Karen Women Organization held its 6th congress from 1st to 8th February 2013. There were 138 Representatives of 7 districts of Karen state, refugee camps, invited organizations and special guests who participated at the meeting, which was held at Lay Wah, Karen State.

The Congress discussed and reviewed the  work of KWO including the amendment of  KWO’s Constitution,  laid down future plans, analyzed  the  current political situation,  and  discussed  issues related to Refugee Return and women’s participation in the peace process.

Based on  the  KWO analysis and discussion of the current peace talks between  the  KNU and  the Burmese Government, we see  that there are  opportunities as well  as  many challenges ahead. Therefore KWO laid down its future plan to support  the  KNU in order to gain a sustainable and genuine peace in Burma.

From the 6th congress, 11 Executive Committee members were elected. The Chairperson is Nan Dah Eh Kler, Vice Chair is Naw Paw Day Toe, Secretary is Naw K’nyaw Paw, Joint Secretary 1 is Naw Ta Mla Saw and Joint Secretary 2 is Naw Siyo Paw.

1. Naw Blooming Night Zan – 088 545 5746
2. Naw Wah Ku Shee – 086 118 2261

Download the statement in Karen and Burmese here.

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