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Statement No. 1/2013 on Humanitarian Assistance for the Conflict Victims of the Kachin State

By Myanmar National Human Rights Commission  •  January 18, 2013
  1. A four-member team of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC) visited Kachin State from 8 to 10 December, 2011 for the first time in order to observe at first hand the civil population who displaced as a result of armed skirmishes. During that visit the team from the Commission was able to liaise and coordinate with the concerned authorities to enable the distribution of humanitarian assistance by the Kachin State Government, UN Agencies and Civil Society Organizations to the displaced persons in and around Laiza.
  2. The Commission also stated that it would continue to exert efforts for enhancing assistance to the displaced persons in Kachin State.
  3. After the visit, the Commission, while acknowledging the efforts of the Kachin State Government to fulfill the basic humanitarian needs arising as a result of the ongoing conflict urged, among other things, the business enterprises to contribute in these efforts and also strongly urged that the peace negotiations be carried out to its successful conclusion.
  4. While acutely aware of the difficulties being encountered in these negotiations, the Commission is encouraged that the Peace-Making Group is relentlessly continuing their negotiations amidst the continued outbreak of skirmishes. At the same time, the Commission is greatly concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation stemming from the conflicts and the difficult access of humanitarian assistance to the conflict victims inside Kachin State and along the border. The Commission is of the view that, due to the intensification of the conflict, the humanitarian situation is likely to worsen, affecting in particular the venerable groups like children, women and the aged, unless urgent actions are taken by all parties concerned to address the issue of humanitarian access.
  5. The Commission, therefore, strongly urges that the question of humanitarian access to the conflict victims and of how safe passage for humanitarian supplies could be guaranteed, be addressed as an urgent matter in the peace dialogue. The world donor community also may play an important role in the supply of humanitarian assistances.
  6. In view of the impact which the conflict in Kachin State has on the lives and properties of the people as well as on the endeavors of the country for its democratization process, the Commission wishes to urge that efforts be intensified to find a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict soonest.

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