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Press Release on the Ceasefire Announcement at the Laja Yang by the Burmese Government on 18th January 2013

By Kachin National Organization  •  January 19, 2013

1). The Burmese army continues unjust military offensives in Laja Yang and other parts of Kachinland despite the Burmese government announcing a one-sided deceptive ceasefire applied only to Laja Yang area.

2). The government’s intention is purely to diminish international pressure calling for review of the suspended sanctions.

3). Consistent with Burmese military tactics, Burmese government forces reinforce troops, supply more military hardware and build stronger military bases in captured posts from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) during calls for a ceasefire.

4). We urge the international community to dispatch an official investigation team to report and take action on war crimes in Kachinland.

5). We demand the Burmese government to stop the reinforcement of troops in Kachinland, ask for the immediate removal of its troops from conflict zones and resume genuine political dialogue.

Central Committee 
Kachin National Organization 

Media contact:  
Mr.Hkanhpa Tu Sadan, Mobile 0044 7538 258 961  

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