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Human Rights Subject to be Added in Basic Education Curriculums

Originally appeared in Weekly Eleven

January 13, 2013

Human rights subject will be added into the basic education system of Myanmar, the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission told the Eleven Media.

The curriculums of the elementary, middle and high level of the basic schools will be advanced putting the human rights courses as the minor subject.

The plan is cooperated between Myanmar National Human Rights Commission and the Ministry of Education.

The schools have already taught the knowledge of human values for some decades, the commission said, “We are now initiating to promote this as a subject.”

Myanmar primary school children have to learn the 38 Codes of Behaviour known as the Discourse on Great Auspices and instructed by the Lord Buddha, how to live as an invaluable human being – respect, esteem and admire between each other no matter how different in race, status or ethnic is.

“The teaching of these behavioural conducts is meant for human rights programme,” said Sitt Myaing, the secretary of the commission, adding that the human rights are too wide to be scoped.

He said many supporting and assistances need to this program. Not only the theoretical knowledge, but also the news and information in aspect of human rights give to the schools.

Physical education, aesthetic enjoyment, codes of behaviour, domestic chores knowledge and general knowledge in social, science and behaviour are the minor subjects at the primary and middle schools in Myanmar.

However, teaching of these minor subjects is a little weak in schools at the moment.

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