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Kachin Organization’s Statement on Thein Sein Government and Burmese Army Airstrike Attacks Against Kachin Civilians and KIO/KIA

By 11 Kachin Community Based Organizations  •  December 31, 2012

Since June 2011, Burmese troops started war against Kachin Independence Army (KIA) as Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) became a government after 2010 election. Kachin Independence Organization the political wing of KIA sincerely conduct peace talk with Thein Sein Government, however the result only seen that war more serious in Kachin State and northern Shan State because Thein Sein government sends more troops to the frontline and uses heavy weapon.

Being attacked with jet fighters and sent over 50 Burmese battalions to attack against Laiza, headquarter of KIO/KIA only destroyed the life of Kachin civilians including children and women along the frontline. Moreover the Kachin IDPs are living with fear because numerous of artillery shelling from Burmese troop landed very near with the IDP Camps. That means the Kachin DIPs have to sacrifice their life also not only hungry and thirsty.

This sense would be seen only killing of the Kachin IDPs at the fields by the Burmese government troops by blocking from several corners. Burmese government that boasts to say they are changing toward democratic nation, but it needs to seek genuine political talk in order to have sustainable peace with ethnic nationalities in Burma.

We condemn being attacked with Jet fighters, military helicopters, and heavy forces during X’ mas season over KIO/KIA and Kachin civilians (majority are Christianity) that long over 18 months and this action could destroy thrust between two parties. Therefore we urge President Thein Sein and Burmese troops to immediately implement the following points;

  1. To immediately halt the attacking of Kachin civilians and KIO/KIA by using of jet fighters and heavy weapon shelling to the IDP Camps along the Kachin – China border
  2. To immediately halt the military pressure or offensive war against KIO/KIA or its headquarter from Burmese troops
  3. To allow international community, INGOs and local NGOs freely to go and offer aid packages to Kachin IDPs camps from Burmese government
  4. To immediately implement political talk with ethnic armed resistance groups after withdrawing all Burmese troops to the barrack

Date: December 31st 2012
For more Information Please Contact:

  1. Moon Nay Li (KWAT) +66 (0) 856251912 or kwat.coordinator@gmail.com,
  2. May Sabe Phyu (KPN) +95 (0) 9421170783 or hkawn2462@gmail.com,
  3. Mary Tawm (WPN) +86 (0) 153 6896 5576, 153 9480 7575 or wpn@hushmail.com,

From the following Kachin organizations:

  1. All Kachin Students and Youth Union (AKSYU)
  2. Kachin Center (Thailand)
  3. Kachin Development Network Group (KDNG)
  4. Kachin Environmental Organization (KEO)
  5. Kachin Women’s Association- Thailand (KWAT)
  6. Kachin News Group (KNG)
  7. Kachin Peace Network (KPN)
  8. Kachin Canadian Association (KCA)
  9. Kachin Women Peace Network (KWPN)
  10. Pan Kachin Development Society (PKDS)
  11. Wunpawng Ninghtoi (WPN)
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