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Excluded: Burma’s Ethnic Nationalities on the Margins of Development and Democracy

By Student and Youth Congress of Burma and Nationalities Youth Forum  •  December 12, 2012

Excluded CoverThis report presents documented evidence that ethnic nationalities directly affected by development projects in Burma are systematically denied their right to free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC). While development related abuse has been well documented, no report has shed light on the staggering scale of the widespread denial of participation rights in Burma.

The data collected for this report, based on 261 interviews conducted across 7 states and 1 division, involved 10 ethnic nationality groups and 9 development projects, reveal a trend of intimidation by project authorities, active suppression of project-related information, and an impression on the part of affected communities that development projects will not positively impact their lives. The results paint a grim portrait of Burma where ethnic nationalities are systematically intimidated into not seeking further information about a development project and kept completely in the dark about decisions that directly affect their livelihood. These findings suggest that Burma’s diverse populations cannot reap the benefits of development without their free, prior, and informed consent.

Download the full report in English and Burmese here.

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