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Rohingya in Bangladesh: Maintaining the Status Quo; Squandering a Rare Opportunity

By Refugees International  •  October 30, 2012

For decades, Burmese Rohingya fleeing persecution have sought refuge in Bangladesh. June’s inter-communal violence in Burma’s Rakhine State, as well as subsequent state-sponsored persecution and targeted attacks against Muslim populations, have cast an international spotlight on this neglected population, and offered an opportunity to resolve the status of both stateless Rohingya inside Burma and those Rohingya who are refugees in neighboring countries. This could be an opportunity for Bangladesh to engage fully on this issue and develop its long-awaited refugee policy. Instead, the nation is rallying against the Rohingya by refusing entry to refugees and restricting humanitarian assistance. This response, besides representing a breach of international law, will weaken Bangladesh’s ability to secure international support as discussions of the Rohingya’s plight intensify. The governments of Bangladesh and Burma should be engaging in bilateral – and perhaps multilateral – discussions about how to protect the rights of the Rohingya community.

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