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The Six-Point Political Program of the Ethnic Nationalities Regarding the Peace Process

By Ethnic Nationalities Conference  •  September 16, 2012

The following six points were agreed to at the Ethnic Nationalities Conference that was held from 14 to 16 September in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The conference was attended by 130 ethnic political leaders, representatives from civil society and armed ethnic groups. This “political roadmap” is their alternative to President Thein Sein’s eight-point peace plan.

1. To develop a “Framework for Political Dialogue” by organizing consultations amongst ethnic armed revolutionary groups, political parties and civil society including women and youth.

2. To hold consultations between representatives of the Union Government and ethnic armed revolutionary groups, to obtain agreement on a “Framework for Political Dialogue”. In doing so,

a) The consultations will be held in locations agreed to by both parties.

b) Impartial international monitoring group shall be established to oversee both the dialogue and the implementation of agreements, and the agreements will be jointly informed to the public through independent medias

3. After agreeing on the “Framework for Political Dialogue” between the Union Government and ethnic armed revolutionary groups, to organize conferences by States and Regions, as well as by ethnic nationalities, in order to consult on the political process.

4. To hold a nationwide “Ethnic Nationalities’ Conference” with representatives from ethnic armed revolutionary groups, political parties, civil society including women and youth, and experts and scholars.

5. To hold a Union Convention based on the Panglong spirit, with agreement by all parties, with equal number of representatives from the ethnic nationalities, democratic forces and the Union of Government. The agreement from the convention shall be signed as “The Union Accord on Ethnic Nationalities”.

6. To implement “The Union Accord on Ethnic Nationalities” within the agreed timeframe.

Download the PDF of the statement in English or Burmese here.

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