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KNU Statement on International Day of Peace

By Karen National Union  •  September 21, 2012

In recent years the KNU has observed a unilateral one day ceasefire in honour of the United Nations International Day of Peace.

On this day the KNU restates our commitment to work for a peaceful democratic Burma where human rights for all are respected.

While provisional ceasefire agreements have been agreed in some ethnic states, the Burma Army continues its operation in Kachin State. To demonstrate our commitment to peace, and respect for the United Nations, we call on the administration of President Thein Sein and the Burma Army to immediately halt all military operations in Kachin State on the International Day of Peace which will be a step towards permanent ceasefire in the whole of Burma.

For there to be a genuine and permanent peace there must be willingness by all sides to enter into political dialogue to address the root causes on conflict, and resolve it in political means.

The Karen National Union and other armed ethnic groups are accountable to their people and respect the will of the people. In any dialogue we will consult with seek to address and represent our people and the civil society concerns.

Therefore, we reaffirm our commitment to continue to work together with other armed ethnic groups, democratic forces and civil society and that referendums on any agreements made must be held in each ethnic state. We also restate our commitment to tri-partite dialogue so that all ethnic and political groups can be represented and a consensus can be reached which ensures any final agreement will have strong support and provide a stable foundation for genuine peace and democracy in our country.

The Central Executive Committee
Supreme Headquarters

For more information contact; Naw Zipporah Sein +66(0)8-565-11078

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