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Statement of Kachin Organizations to Halt the Burmese Government Troops Offensive Against KIO/KIA and Human Rights Abuses of Kachin Civilians

By All Kachin Students and Youth Union, Kachin Centre, Kachin Development Networking Group, Kachin Environmental Organization, Kachin Women's Association – Thailand, Kachin News Group, Pan Kachin Development Society, Kachin Community in United Kingdom, Kachin National Organization, Queensland Kachin Community and Kachin Association of Australia  •  August 29, 2012

For more than a year over 90,000 Kachin civilian have been displaced as a result of the Government troops severe fighting against the Kachin Independent Army (KIA).  This continues to occur despite the Kachin people and the people of Burma sending several petition letters to halt the Government’s military offensive.

Therefore Kachin organizations are urging the followings as a start of genuine political dialogue that will guarantee self-determination and ethnic equality between the Kachin Independent Organization (KIO), U Thein Sein Government, and Ethnic Armed Groups; occurring after an immediate stop of the Government troop’s military offensive against KIO/KIA.

We urge President Thein Sein:

(1)   To immediately halt the Government troop’s military offensive against KIO/KIA and Kachin civilians in Kachin State and northern Shan State and move back to its military barracks.

(2)   The Government troop’s military offensive against KIO/KIA and ethnic armed groups could destroy trust between both parties; therefore Thein Sein’s government should take tangible actions against those who ignore the president’s orders.

(3)  In order to have democracy, ethnic equality, and self-determination begin a genuine political dialogue between the KIO/KIA and President Thein Sein.  The lack of democracy, ethnic equality and self-determination are the main causes of the current conflict.

(4)  Conduct genuine political dialogue between President Thein Sein and the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) with the goal of ensuring a ceasefire and lasting peace in Burma and ethnic armed conflict areas.

(5)  Immediately halt military intelligence, government troops, and local police from arbitrarily arresting and brutally killing Kachin civilians under suspicion of being connected with KIO/KIA.

(6)  Rape and sexual violence committed by government troops should be brought before a court of justice lead by the government’s human rights commission and international organizations.  A Kachin Women Association of Thailand (KWAT) report shows that 63 Kachin women were raped by Burmese troops and half of them were killed.

(7)   Allow a free aid package to the 90,000 Kachin IDPs provided by the United Nations and backed by international aid organizations, local Kachin CBO, and civil society groups.

To United Nations and the International community:

(1)    Push pressure on the Burmese government to bring perpetrators before a court of justice and form a UN Commission of Inquiry in Burma in order to investigate human rights violations against local civilians.

(2)   Rather than working with the Burmese government’s agencies cooperate with the KIO/KIA, Kachin organizations, and Community based organization to offer emergency humanitarian aid to 90,000 Kachin refugees.                        

(3)  Deliver an emergency aid package to the Putao areas where local residents have been suffering rice shortages since July 2012 as a result of the Government troops ban on the export of rice and the unfeasibility of farming in a conflict area.

To the Chinese Government:

(1)  The Chinese government should support humanitarian emergency aid to Kachin IDPs instead of expelling them for its boarders.

(2)   The Chinese Government should cooperate with the KIO/KIA, Kachin Organizations, and CBO’s to secure the safety of Kachin IDPs who are living in camps inside of China as a result of the Burmese troop’s offensive.

Kachin Organizations

  1. All Kachin Students and Youth Union
  2. Kachin Center (Thailand)
  3. Kachin Development Network Group
  4. Kachin Environmental Organization
  5. Kachin Women’s Association- Thailand
  6. Kachin News Group
  7. Pan Kachin Development Society
  8. Kachin Community in United Kingdom
  9. Kachin National Organization
  10. Queensland Kachin Community
  11. Kachin Association of Australia

For more information, please contact: 

1. Naw San, +66 (0) 848119594
2. Moon Nay Li, +66 (0) 856251912
3. Hkahpa Tu Sadan, Mobile: +4 (0) 7538 258961

Download the Burmese version of this statement here.

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