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Statement of NDF Eighth Congress

By National Democratic Front  •  November 17, 2011
  1. The Eighth Congress attended by 23 delegates from the 8 member organizations was held successfully from November 14 to 16, at a certain place in the liberated area.
  2. At the Congress, free and frank discussions were held on the political, military, domestic and international situations relating to Burma, reports, decisions and positions were adopted and the NDF Constitution was reviewed and amended. Moreover, the new chairman, vice chairman, the general secretary and joint general secretary who would be serving in the eighth term were elected democratically and the central executive committee (CEC) with 11 members, including leaders mentioned above was formed.
  3.  At the same time, the Congress was able to lay down principles and policies to be followed and implemented during the term of the Eighth Congress as future work program which were: (a) To continue opposing and fighting against the 2008 constitution and the 2010 election results; (b)To establish national reconciliation after gaining nation-wide ceasefire in order to establish true and just peace.
  4. The Congress appealed to the international community to keep sanctions in place on Burma so long as there is no genuine democratic change.
  5. In conclusion, the National Democratic Front Eighth Congress called on President U Thein Sein led government: (a) To cease military offensives the Burmese government has been conducting in areas of the ethnic nationalities; (b) To immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners; and (c) To create conditions conducive to political dialogue.

“We shall be Victorious through Alliance”

Eighth Congress
National Democratic Front
November 17, 2011

Contact persons:
Chairman – 66 84 381 4679
General Secretary – 66 81 135 7845

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