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Statement Calling for the Release of U Gambira

By All Burma Monks Alliance  •  October 29, 2011

We call for

  • the immediate and unconditional release of U Gambira, a leader of the ABMA (All Burma Monks Alliance), and Buddhist monk who was tortured;
  • his access to medical treatment in hospital.

President U Thein Sein and his government have declared that they are leading Burma towards a democratic country but there are still many monks and others who are political prisoners and who are tortured in various ways.

Ashin Gambira, a leader of ABMA, was tortured in different ways. As a result, his health is now in a grave condition. According to recently released political prisoners who lived with U Gambira, he was given injections with strong medicines. After these injections, his health condition worsened. His mother, Daw Ye, who has recently visited him, asked him about his health. When he replied, his speech was slurred.

We call for Ashin Gambira, a leader of the ABMA, to urgently receive medical treatment and for the international organizations Human Rights Watch and the ICRC (International Red Cross) to be allowed access to Burma and visit him to check his health.

Ashin Gambira did not break any rules, but only recited the ‘Metta Sutta’ and marched during the peaceful demonstrations of 2007.

On behalf of ABMA, we urge the authorities to ensure that tortured leader of ABMA, Ashin Gambira and 230 other monks and nuns will be released immediately and unconditionally.

All Burma Monks Alliance (ABMA)

For more information contact: Ashin Issariya, ph +66 84 594 77 52, King.issariya@gmail.com

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