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Burma Rivers Network Demands Official Cancellation by China Power Investment of not Only Myitsone but all Seven Irrawaddy Dams

By Burma Rivers Network  •  September 30, 2011

The Burma Rivers Network (BRN) is encouraged by news that President Thein Sein plans to stop the construction of the Irrawaddy Myitsone Dam, but urges the people of Burma to demand an official declaration and pull-out of all personnel and equipment from the dam site by the project-holder, China Power Investment (CPI). BRN also urges continued pressure on the military government and the CPI to immediately cancel the other 6 mega-dams planned on the Irrawaddy source rivers, which will have the same devastating impacts on the country.

If the Myitsone project is indeed cancelled, this would be a great victory for the people of Burma, especially the brave villagers at the Myitsone site who stood up to the Burma Army and refused to make way for the project.

However, CPI is now in control of the Myitsone site and only their actions will confirm whether the dam is indeed suspended. There needs to be an official statement by CPI announcing this, and the Myitsone construction camps must be closed. Most importantly the people who were forced to move to the Myitsone dam relocation camp must be allowed to return their homes.

“Until the Chinese project holders publicly declare their cancellation of the Myitsone dam and pull out from the dam-site, we must assume the project is going ahead,” said Ah Nan, assistant coordinator of BRN.

Even if the Myitsone dam is cancelled, BRN’s campaign to stop all the seven hydropower dams at the source of the Irrawaddy will continue, as the other six mega-dams on the N’mai and Mali rivers, planned for export of electricity to China, will have the same effects as the Myitsone dam. Building these six dams will also cause irreparable environmental destruction, unpredictable water surges and shortages, and inflict social and economic damage to the millions who depend on the Irrawaddy. Thousands of Kachin villagers will also be forced to relocate.

For further information on the 7 dams planned at the Irrawaddy source, please visit www.burmariversnetwork.org,
Email – burmariversnetwork@gmail.com

Contact:  Ah Nan (+66) 848854154
                    Sai Sai (+66) 884154386

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