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The Cause of Cessation of Civil War and Realization of National Peace – The Cause of Entire People

By All Burma Monks' Alliance, 88 Generation Students, Arakan Ray, Democratic Students and Youths Force in Rangoon Division, All Burma Federation of Student Unions, 2007 Generation Students Union, Arakan Students Union, All Burma Youths Union and Basic Education Students Union  •  July 4, 2011

Statement No. 4/2011

  1. The civil war in Burma is a dreadful war that came into being since 1948. After sixty years, no successive government has been able to stop the civil war and achieve genuine peace.
  2. The SLORC-SPDC military regime’s attainment of ceasefire with ethnic armed forces was but a long-term plan to corral them into surrender. The Kokang incident, pressures to transform into Border Guard Forces, tensions with armed ethnic ceasefire groups, the current military offensive against Kachin territories, pressures to surrender, especially aimed at New Mon State Party, in Mon State, severe crackdowns on Karen people are clear proof of military regime’s lack of a sincere wish for national peace.
  3. The immediate cause of the present war being waged by Thein Sein’s USDP military regime against Kachinland is the dam projects brought about by the USDP regime for its own interests. And the root cause is successive governments’ failure to provide equal rights to ethnic nationalities and the formers’ civil war policy.
  4. Since peace and democracy are two faces of a coin, we believe that peace could not be achieved without democracy whereas there could be no democracy without peace. We also believe sincerely that the question of civil war is not only an issue between ethnic forces and the military regime but also an issue of Burma’s pro-democracy struggle which concerns the whole people of Burma. Therefore the conditions of Kachin people heavily suffering from hardships of war today have highlighted the necessity of all activists and the entire people to vigorously wage a campaign for national peace in addition to and together with the ongoing campaign for release of political prisoners.
  5. In today’s Kachin State, Shan State and Karen State as well as in the whole country, the people have to demand total cessation of the civil war unilaterally forced upon by Thein Sein’s USDP regime, and call for genuine national peace in order to establish a democratic nation. Hence, within the course of Burmese people’s struggle for democracy, we activist forces solemnly urge all internal and exiled pro-democracy allies to step up campaigns together with us for total cessation of civil war and realization of national peace.
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