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Press Release on Chronology of Events of Armed Conflicts in Kachin Conflict

By Kachin Independence Organization  •  June 20, 2011

(Unofficial Translation)

We respectfully announce the followings to the people in Kachin State.

(1)   There has been fighting between the KIA troops and the Burma army since 9 June 2011.

(2)   The KIO (Kachin Independence Organization) never want to make and see the troubles and damages of people.

(3)   We make this announcement with an intention to inform the people the true events and to counter the false news story published by Kyee Mon (Mirror) newspaper on 17 June 2011.

(4)   On 8 June 2011, the troops from the KIA’s 3rd Brigade, 15th Battalion, stopped two Burmese soldiers, a Sergeant from Light Infantry Battalion No. (437) and a police private, whom infiltrated into the KIA’s controlled area. The Sergeant escaped and KIA troops detained Police Private Ye Naing temporarily.

(5)   At 14:30 Hr on the same day, KIA detained two Burmese officials, Captain Myat Ko Ko and Lieutenant Ko Ko Win, who infiltrated into our area with full weapons.

(6)   The Commander of the Burma army’s Northern Military Command contacted the KIO Headquarters and informed that his soldiers should be released. He also sent more troops to the area and prepared military offensives at the same time.

(7)   On 9 June 2011, at 03:00 Hr, the troops from the Burma army, Light Infantry Battalions No. 437 and 348 arrived at Sang Gang Village and started shooting at the KIA’s frontline post.

(8)   At 05:00 Hr on the same day, the Burma army troops surrounded the KIA’s liaison office at Sang Gang Village and arrested Lance Corporal Chyang Ying (who was alone in the office).

(9)   KIA troops from the 15th Battalion abandoned its frontline post at Sang Gang and withdrew back to Busan Post. Till then, KIA didn’t shoot back to the Burma army troops.

(10) But, KIA had to shoot back at the Burma army troops at 07:00 Hr on June 9, 2011, as they marched into Busan Post and continued the attack.

(11)  At 08:00 Hr, the Northern Military Command contacted the KIO Headquarters and informed that if the KIA released the detained Burmese soldiers, they would also released detained KIA soldiers.

(12)  The KIO replied to the Northern Military Command that it needed the official written statement; the Northern Military Command responded that there was not necessary to make a written statement.

(13)  At 11:30 Hr, the Northern Military Command again contacted the KIO HQs.

(14)  After negotiations, KIA stop shooting at 11:45 HR and the Burma army stop shooting at 12:30 HR.

(15)  The Burma army said that Lance Corporal Chyang Ying was dead from excessive bleeding due to the wound sustained in the battle field. They just retuned the weapons belonged to Chyang Ying at 17:45 Hr.

(16)  Actually, he was arrested at Sang Gang Liaison Office and not at the battle field. It is obvious that the Burma army troops reported to their superior with false information.

(17)  Anyhow, the KIA patiently returned three Burmese soldiers, Captain Myat Ko Ko, Lieutenant Ko Ko Win, and Police Private Ye Naing, to the Burma army, in good and healthy condition and with their weapons. However, the Northern Military Command has not released any KIA soldiers they have detained as of today.

(18)  At 16:00 Hr on the same day (9 June 2011), Colonel Aung Toe, Commander of the Burma army’s Moemaik Tactical Command, informed to KIO HQs that he would be allowed to pass the KIA posts on his way to Tapaing Hydropower Project for regular inspection. KIO HQs allowed him to pass the area.

(19)   After repeated requests, the Northern Military Command returned the body of Lance Corporal Chyang Ying at 14:55 Hr on 10 June 2011.

(20)  As we inspected the body, we found that he was killed by tortures inflicted upon his body by the Burma army.

(21)  (At the same time) the Northern Military Command informed to the KIO HQs that Colonel Aung Toe and his troops would not come back and they would station at the Tapaing Hydropower Project. And they also asked the KIA troops to withdraw from the Busan Post.

(22)  In addition, the Burma army reinforced its troops in the area with more troops from Light Infantry Battalions Nos. (320), (348), (387), (321), Infantry Battalions Nos. (237), (236), (74), (21), (105), (141), and (37).

(23)  (Again) the Northern Military Command sent an ultimatum to KIO HQs that KIA troops should be withdrawn from the Busan Post by 12:00 Hr on 11 June 2011.

(24)   We would like to inform to the people that fighting continues to this day due to the unavoidable situations as stated above.

Information Department



Northern Military Command: The Headquarters of the Burma Army which controls the Kachin State. The Commander is Brigadier General Zay Yar Aung.

LIB: Light Infantry Battalion of the Burma Army

IB: Infantry Battalion of the Burma Army

KIO: Kachin Independence Organization

KIA: Kachin Independence Army (Military Wing of the KIO)

Sang Gang: Are in Momauk Township, Bhamo District, nearby Tapaing River, where two Hydropower Projects are being built by a Chinese company, joint venture business between the Burmese regime and the Chinese government

Download the original statement in Burmese here.

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