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Burma Regime Rejects 16 Requests at UN For Crimes Investigations

By Burma Campaign UK  •  February 10, 2011

Burma’s dictatorship has rejected 16 separate proposals made at the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling on the dictatorship to respect international law and investigate breaches of international law.

The recommendations were made by members of the Human Rights Council as part of the Universal Periodic Review into human rights in Burma, which takes place every four years.

The continued refusal of the dictatorship to commit to obeying international law, and to investigate human rights abuses which violate international law, places increased pressure on members of the United Nations to establish a UN inquiry into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma. The UN’s own Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Burma has repeatedly called for such an investigation.

The dictatorship in Burma has also ignored 18 separate requests for investigations made in UN General Assembly resolutions. A new Constitution about to come into force in Burma also grants immunity to members of the dictatorship for any crimes they have committed.

“It is clear that the only way investigations into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity will take place is if the UN sets up its own inquiry,” said Zoya Phan, Campaigns Manager at Burma Campaign UK. “Governments which don’t support a UN inquiry are in effect protecting criminals responsible for mass rape, torture, and war crimes. The European Union must end its silence and support a UN inquiry. It is a scandal that the EU has been silent on this issue.”

A total of 190 recommendations were made to the dictatorship in Burma. The dictatorship accepted or claimed it has already implemented 74 of these, despite clear evidence that in many cases this is completely false. 70 recommendations were rejected outright, and a further 46 were under consideration.

The recommendations were listed in an advanced unedited version of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review, available here.

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